• Recipes from Cyprus and Greece




    GreCy Recipes! Recipes from Cyprus and Greece 100+2 free traditional recipes original trademarks of old and modern cuisine in Greece and Cyprus. Appetizers, soups, sweets, vegetarian, meat courses and drinks. Enjoy our mediterranean cooking! Great recipes like ntakos salad, giouvarlakia...

  • Meeting Point




    For Samsung Devices with Android 4+ ONLY! Do you want to meet and talk to people that is around you (same WiFi)? Meeting Point is the perfect tool for the job. Meet people with the same interests. With this app meeting and chatting don’t stop! Key features: -Works over WiFi, or WiFi Direct...

  • Shoes Closet




    Do you have an obsession with shoes? Do you have too many shoes that you can't remember each pair? You don't know which one to wear? Shoes Closet is The Best app to help you keep track of your shoes collection! Create categories and put them in! Split them in any categories you want...

  • Cancer Surveillance




    This free app lets you monitor your own (or other peoples') cancer progress by allowing you to arrange and scedule the related appointments, tests and their results.Place the appointment for any reason like cancer biopsy,mri,ct scan, blood cancer markers test, xray, ultrasound, mammo, meeting...

  • My Collection




    This app lets you manage any hobby collection (obsession) you have. Coins, stamps, pictures, cars, clothes, baseball cards, movies, postcards, wine, rocks/seashells anything you want! My Collection is The Best app to help you keep track of your favourite hobby-collection! Create categories and...

  • Cyprus Cuisine




    Cyprus Cuisine 40+1 free traditional Greek Cypriot recipes original trademarks of the Cyprus Cuisine. Appetizers, soups, sweets, vegetarian and meat courses. Enjoy our cooking! www.gomlv.com Κυπριακή Κουζίνα Greek Translation: 40+1 παραδοσιακές Κυπριακές συνταγές αυθεντικά δείγματα της Κυπριακής...

  • Cyprus Dictionary




    A 100% FREE modern Cyprus dictionary with over 2000 Greek Cypriot words. Search fast for any word you don't understand! Available for Android devices. Offers translation: Cypriot to Greek Greek to Cypriot Cypriot to English English to Cypriot site: http://www.gomlv.com Greek...

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