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  • Don't Touch The Colorful Tiles

    Don't Touch The Colorful Tiles




    This is a minimalistic endless runner with clean graphics and smooth animations. Watch out where you step and avoid white blocks. You have 30 seconds so run as far as you can - the further you go the higher is your score. More modes and features are coming soon so stay tuned for frequent updates.

  • RubPix





    "Rubik Squared will keep fans of sliding block puzzles busy for hours" - PocketGamer " The game seems easy at the start, but with a larger surface comes more complicated puzzles." - IndieGames Rubik Squared is a picture-forming sliding block puzzle game from the creator of...

  • Shoot The Shapes With Balls

    Shoot The Shapes With Balls


    Shoot The Balls is one of the most addicting game. Do you like to Shoot The Objects with balls? If yes, than you will surely like this new game. Just give it a try. It's free. Tap anywhere on the screen to take aim & fire the ball. The farther you tap, more force will be added to ball....

  • 100 Balls - Physics Based Game

    100 Balls - Physics Based Game


    100 Balls is the latest greatest and most addictive mobile game. Open the lids with your tap and fill the passing cups with a variety of balls to reach higher scores! Be vary though, the longer you manage to keep up, the harder and faster it gets! * Solid and fun physics! * Simple yet...

  • 字中字





    点击找出不同的字。  提示:由于字数太多,时间又短,所以尽量从字的某个偏旁部首寻找差异。  如何开始:游戏加载完毕点击[开始游戏]即可进入游戏   游戏介绍:人类有了语言,就可以积累知识,形成文化。有了文字,就可以记录语言、交流信息。中国文化博大精深,汉字相差一横,字义相差千里。 锻炼你的眼力-在字群中,找出不同的字。快来试试吧! ...

  • Origami Animals Folding

    Origami Animals Folding




    Best Origami Animals Folding Instruction APK you can ever find in Android Market, offering you detailed tutorial videos and clear pictures. Want to be an origami master-hand, to be admired, to enjoy the process of making animal origami, or to remember our childhood? Then you definitely have...

  • Positive Attitude Quotes

    Positive Attitude Quotes




    We plant seeds that will flower as results in our lives, so best to remove the weeds of anger, avarice, envy and doubt, that peace and abundance may manifest for all. ~Dorothy Day Hey, welcome to the best Positive Quotes and Sayings App here provide for you. Collection of the most popular...

  • All about Halloween

    All about Halloween




    Best Halloween helper with almost everything you need and want to know about Halloween. Halloween: Costumes, Ideas & Tricks, just like its name, will tell you everything about Halloween and bring you good ideas to make your Halloween a smashing success. Halloween is coming! Are you ready for...

  • Crazy Weird Laws

    Crazy Weird Laws




    Best Crazy Weird Laws App arrived in the Google Play. One of the largest collections of crazy weird laws App comes to spice up your life. These crazy weird laws will directly touch the softest spot of your heart and make you resonate with it. Among all the thousands of crazy weird laws, you can...

  • Epic Best Quotes

    Epic Best Quotes




    1000+ Epic Best Quotes for you browse! We are so honor to say that, this cool app will provide you lots of great and fine epic quotes.  It is entirely FREE! Entertain yourself for hours with these best quotes! Besides, you can easily email and share these quotes! ♡♡♡♡♡ Features ♡♡♡♡♡...

  • Dream Dictionary

    Dream Dictionary




    What is your subconscious trying to tell you? Dream Dictionary, the interpretation of hundreds of keywords will help you understand the hidden messages of your night time dreams. Dream Dictionary filled with 1000+ interpretations that explore how dreams reveal an understanding of who you are and...

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