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  • Match Fast: 2 Player Game

    Match Fast: 2 Player Game




    Match it up now! Fast fingers and a sharp eye will make you a winner of a Match Fast: 2 Player Game! One device – 4, 3 or 2 players together in this multiplayer game! Let the TAP BATTLE begin! Matching games are famous for their simple rules, but watch out – it’s harder than it seems. As this...

  • Dog Dress up

    Dog Dress up




    Welcome to the biggest PET SHOW featured by “Dog Dress up games”! Barking is heard in the pet salon! Beagle, Bulldog, Chihuahua and Poodle are ready for the free Dog game to begin! Woof, woof! It’s a new game for kids, a pet game that has four beautiful puppy dogs waiting for their dog story to...

  • Talking Dragon

    Talking Dragon




    Talking Dragon is a new cool game free to download! If you think cats that talk are the only one, think again, because this talking app with funny dragon that repeats is so cool! Draco the Dragon is your pet animal that responds to your touch and repeats everything you say with a funny voice....

  • Bear Dress up

    Bear Dress up




    Bear Dress up is a cute game for kids, and especially a game for girls! This pretty pet salon game for toddlers features four cute teddy bears and those are panda, polar bear, grizzly and brown bear. If your room is crowded with these cute animals, then don't wait any longer and put them on...

  • Make ME a Superhero

    Make ME a Superhero




    ϟ Superhero ME! This is an extra cool combination of ‘face in hole’ app and dress up game. Make ME a Superhero is a free game that drags you into the magical world of heroes. Superheroes are responsible for the well-being and happiness of all people on the planet, and this app is in a way super...

  • Super Girl Dress up Game

    Super Girl Dress up Game




    You GO GIRL! This new Super Girl Dress up Game brings you the best female superheroes there are and many more! Become a true super woman with this new dress up game. Finally something for girls! It was high time for a game for girls to come out and it is one of the best games ever. This is one...

  • Easter Bunny Dress up

    Easter Bunny Dress up




    Happy Easter! BUNNY HOPS from one Android to another spreading joy. Easter Bunny Dress up game is now at your door, so download free app and let honey bunny in! Easter bunny is here with a basket full of colorful Easter eggs. This is not a usual bunny game. It is so cute and sweet that will...

  • Make a Robot

    Make a Robot




    It’s Robot time!! This is a free game which is so cool because it enables you to make a robot as you like. With this robot game for boys nothing will be the same! This is the best game which you can use whenever you are bored. It’s simple, but fun. Everything technological is so popular...

  • iFu - Virtual Kung Fu Game

    iFu - Virtual Kung Fu Game




    Make kung fu moves followed by motion activated Kung Fu sound effects. iFu - Virtual Kung Fu Game app helps you have a good time with your friends. Look like a character from an old martial arts movie! Hold the phone in your hand and perform random moves and Kung Fu sounds will simultaneously...

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