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Google Cloud Search

IMPORTANT! Google Cloud Search will only work if your organization has enabled this G Suite service. If you are uncertain whether your organization has enabled Google Cloud Search, please talk to your system administrator. Use the power of Google to search across your company’s content in G Suite. From Gmail and Drive to Docs, Sheets, Slides, Cale…

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Download Who’s Down - Summer 2016 Who’s Down - Summer 2016 icon
Who’s Down - Summer 2016

Currently requires an invite. Request one within app. Who’s Down makes it incredibly easy to get together with your friends. Graduate from big, spammy group messages and texting tons of people to figure out what’s going on. Who’s Down is the new way to see what everyone is down for, so you never miss out. Here’s how it works: • Suggest ideas fo…

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Download Accessibility Scanner Accessibility Scanner icon
Accessibility Scanner

Accessibility Scanner is a tool that suggests accessibility improvements for Android apps without requiring technical skills. Just open the app you want to scan, then tap the Accessibility Scanner button to find items in the app that might benefit from accessibility improvements. You can use this app to suggest changes to developers or to make chan…

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Google Arts & Culture VR

View art from museums around the world with the Google Arts & Culture VR app. Step inside a virtual gallery to see works by artists like Van Gogh or Rembrandt. You can zoom in to see every brushstroke, and and hear audio guides from expert museum curators. The Google Arts & Culture VR app requires a Daydream-ready headset such as Daydream…

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Google Maps Floor Plan Marker

With the Google Maps Floor Plan Marker you can help Google Maps more accurately locate users who are visiting your store, restaurant, venue, or any type of public indoor space that you’re in. You’ll walk around your building to collect publicly broadcast data, and once it’s uploaded and processed, users of Google Maps for Android will be able to se…

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DoubleClick for Publishers

Provides a high-level overview of a DFP network’s performance. The data is displayed in a series of cards, which contain information associated with what’s happening in your DFP network.

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Beacon Tools

Beacon Tools lets you register your Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons with the Google Beacon Registry and create small attachments for them. As a developer, you can then scan for these beacons in your application to ‘serve’ or deliver the registered attachments when the beacons are seen using public APIs such as Google Nearby or the Proximity Bea…

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Google Coordinate

NOTE: You must already have a Google Coordinate license for this mobile app to work. See for more information. Google Coordinate is a workforce management tool that improves the efficiency of your mobile teams. People are shown on a Google Map, making it easy to assign jobs to the nearest available team member…

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Download Android Management Experience Android Management Experience icon
Android Management Experience

This is the companion app for the Android Management experience • Create a secure work profile to keep your work data separate • Your administrator can manage policies in your work profile to keep work data secure and keep your personal data confidential • The managed Google Play Store gives you access to your companys favourite work apps

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Study Kit

This application is for use with the Google Study Kit to upload and view data from your Study Kit devices.

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Mobile Ads Showcase

Calling all agencies. Are your clients asking about mobile ads? Are you looking for a way to show them how mobile ads work on smartphones and tablets? The Mobile Ads Showcase App lets you demonstrate Google’s mobile ad formats, from simple text ads to interactive mobile rich media. Discover and learn possibilities of mobile HTML5 ads by interacting…

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Download Android MWC Android MWC icon
Android MWC

Download the official Android MWC app and stay up to date on all things happening at the Android booth in Barcelona. Explore the various elements of the event, check out videos, learn more about Android partners, and use the Android Pin checklist to keep track of your Android pins. App Features: -Event information -Booth & partner maps -Inform…

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