Goran Ristevski

  • Dogs vs Cats

    Dogs vs Cats




    Cats and Dogs? Try to guess what is on the picture with as few touches as possible. Try to distinguish between them as fast as possible. Press the menu button to see the full set of options. You can save all this images as wallpapers also you can save them to the sdcard. Share your result with...

  • Beauty Scanner

    Beauty Scanner




    This app is FREE This is the app that will make your girlfriend happy You can take a picture of the girl you like and scan her face. After the scannig you can show her the results with the beautiful words like: " She is fantastic ", " She is incredible , and so thoughtful ",...

  • FingerPrint Lock

    FingerPrint Lock




    This app is FREE !!! This applications WORKS !!! People who think it doesn't do not read the description. *****To UNLOCK the phone first press the volume up button that is placed on the left side of the phone. After you press the volume up button you can place your finger on the scanner and...

  • Creative Gallery

    Creative Gallery




    This app is a FREE !!! Free wallpapers Here you will find amazing collection of wallpapers Features: ✔ Full HD images ✔ Save images to sdcard ✔ Set images as wallpapers ✔ All wallpapers are resized for a perfect fit To see the full set of options please click on the menu button. Tags:...

  • Binoculars Zoomer Tool

    Binoculars Zoomer Tool




    Use you android phone as Binoculars. You can use the power of your phone camera to ZOOM and to see the thing more closer. If you want to have a zoomer tool in you packet that this is the application for you. Feature: -Take a closer look to the things with this app. Very important better...

  • Spider Detector (Radar)

    Spider Detector (Radar)




    Spiders can be found worldwide on every continent and in every place including your house or garden or maybe your back yard. This app gives you false instruction where to find them, it is for entertainment purposes only. Give the phone to you friend and tall him to start searching spiders,...

  • Solar Charger

    Solar Charger




    This is a very fun app. Simply start the app and the fake charging will start. This application give animated simulation of one big solar panel that produces energy to charge the battery but only for fun purposes, not for real. Use the power of sun energy and recharge your battery. Tall...

  • Police Lights (Strobe)

    Police Lights (Strobe)




    Police Lights with sounds effects (siren effects) Start this app and you phone will be turned into a police strobe. If is night you can use this and from the distanse it will look just like a real police lights. You can also save the image as wallpaper or save it to you sdcard. This is really...

  • Love Compas

    Love Compas




    Designed to help you find your love :). Are you feeling lonely ?, if that is your case this android application is the solution for you. It will get you to the exact locations to your love. Features: -Get directions that leads to your love -Find all lover(even the secret ones) -Find exact...

  • Ghost Scanner Hunter

    Ghost Scanner Hunter




    This app is a FREE !!! If you want to hunt ghosts this is the application for you. Use this application as a tool to find ghosts. All you need to do is to follow the directions given by this app. Features: -Find ghosts in your room !!! -Find ghosts anywhere you want !!! -Analyzes nearby...

  • Night Vision

    Night Vision




    If you need a free Night Vision Tool, this is the android application for you. It is designed primarily as a Night Vision App, it gives you the effect of night vision system. When you see a objects that are exposed on low light you will have a feeling that you have a real night vision in your...

  • Shaver Machine

    Shaver Machine




    This is shaver app for Android. Scare the life out of your friends by pretending to shave their beard (or hair), and see their scared face! Features: -Real sound -Strong (buzz) vibrations Have lots of fun with your friends using this electric shaver! This app turns you phone into an shaver!...

  • Alien Radar (Scanner)

    Alien Radar (Scanner)




    The complete application is free. Everyone knows that we are not alone, the aliens are among us, use the reader to find them. If your friends want to find aliens this is the application for you, use it to prank them. You can just tall tham that they can use this application as a very useful...

  • Police Radar Scanner

    Police Radar Scanner




    Free android application with no limitations. If you want to hunt police patrol this is the application for you. Using this application can help you find police car. All you need to do is to follow the directions given by this app. Features(fake): -Find police car -Find police motorcycle...

  • Traffic Light Controller prank

    Traffic Light Controller prank




    Change the traffic lights to green in 2-3 seconds Use the embedded emmiter to send signal to the traffic light to change to GREEN or to any color you desire. Turn the lights to green from distance up to 1 km (0.62 miles). With this application you can control the intersections. Users to this...

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