• Army Connected


    Army Connected connects our so called "heroes" of the country to other soldiers that gave their life to protect their nation. Get updated on what's happening with soldiers on their quest to fight freedom of others and their stories behind each journey. This app includes Storie,...

  • Healthy Recipes




    Are you conscious with what you eat? Are you trying to maintain that figure that you are always looking for that right kind of food to eat? Or you're just a plain vegetarian that doesn't eat anything with 4 legs? Healthy Recipes provide you with these kind of recipes that will make you...

  • Happy Marriage




    Married couple or even couple who are planning to get married get stuck on their relationship sometimes and who would want their marriage not to be a success. So this app provides information about marriage, being happy with your relationship, tips and inspiration through stories from real life...

  • Recipes for Moms




    >>> Are you a SUPER BUSY Mom? <<< !!! Do you have to take care of kids, home, work, errands...and find yourself frequently trying to figure out what to cook for the next meal...almost just before it's time to eat? !!! If you are a busy Mom then this App is for you! It will...

  • Recipes kids can make




    Kids are fun Human beings and they need to have something that is fun to do and healthy at the same time. This app is perfect for kids that eating is their hobby. We gathered recipes that kids can cook which are fun to make. This app includes: Main Dishes Fun Recipes Cold Recipes Snacks Drinks

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