• 7.0





    Super Video, Floating & Popup allows you to play floating videos while performing other stuff

  • Floating Browser




    The Floating Browser is a classic free floating web browser software, with the basic web features, the powerful floating feature that allows you to use window concept as the browser; you can zoom in and drag windows; at the same time, it will also monitor your clipboard for quick information...

  • Super Manager 3.0




    This is a powerful system utility for Android, more than 20 utility !! You can install the software to replace the well-known software, such as: the EXPLORER ROOT, Titanium Backup, Task Manager, and APP Lock, the Schedule, ..., etc. • You can download the user manual (PDF file) in our website....

  • G-Protector Anti Virus Utility




    G-Protector Anti Virus Utility (The original name is called APK Anti-Virus Bodyguard) is an innovation Android device security and protection application. It is integrated with some featured functions and system utilities to make your device safety and reliable , including the anti-virus, APP...

  • Rotation Anywhere




    A powerful utility for Android users can rotate the screen in any application with the popup floating control interface. You can switch the screen to any orientation in 0, 90, 180, 270 degree with Landscape and Portrait mode from the floating control panel quickly, even in the HOME or games...

  • AccountBook 2012




    "AccountBook 2012" is the best one of the most powerful and beautiful financial manager software. Now, the new innovation financial manager software "AccountBook 2012" will change your image about daily accounting. Give you a different accounting experience! ★ For the others...

  • Floating Banner 2.0




    █ Floating Banner 2.0 for Tool Kits, Widget & Launcher ☆ Better than 1.0 version, just try it by yourself ! ☆ Floating Banner 2.0 Beta 2 is released now! ☆ Floating Banner 2.0 has a new face! ☆ Enjoy the innovation floating system! █ You Must Have This! No matter what the screen size of your...

  • Super Manager Donation




    ★ The donation key cannot support Android 4.2's multi-user feature. (Only the main user can activate the key) ★ You must use the Super Manager 3.0 v3.1.8 or later to support this donation key. ★ The donation edition is just a key, you still have to install "Super Manager" to use it...

  • Audio Master Floating!




    ☆☆☆ Google don't allow us to reply your comments, so that we don't response any comment, if you have any problem, please email to us! ☆☆☆ █ The application is only support 1 GHz above ARM CPU device. █ The Best Popup Audio Player & Recorder. Full Popup Floating features on audio...

  • Screen RGB Test




    A classical screen Red Green Blue Black White Gray test application. It can help you to find out the defective pixel on your device's screen. No AD, only 14KB, support from Android 1.5 to 4.x

  • Super Manager - Auto Schedule




    You have install the "Super Manager" first. You have install the Super Manager - Auto Schedule Extension Package to enable the auto schedule feature. The extension package will request the following permissions for the software purpose. We never collect your personal contact...

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