Graham Jolley

Download Intel 8080 Emulator Intel 8080 Emulator icon

Intel 8080 Emulator

This is an emulator for the Intel 8080, probably the most popular CPU...

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Download Space Pursuit Space Pursuit icon

Space Pursuit

This app is REALLY free, no pesky adds that you would prefer your chil...

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Download Morse Intercom Morse Intercom icon

Morse Intercom

Features: i) Send Morse to, and receive Morse from, other users of th...

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Download Compound Interest Calculator Compound Interest Calculator icon

Compound Interest Calculator

This app is free and does not send you a single ad! It doesn't sto...

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Download Ball Game Two Ball Game Two icon

Ball Game Two

Our second game that uses the accelerometer built into almost all Andr...

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Download Loan Repayment Calculator Loan Repayment Calculator icon

Loan Repayment Calculator

This app is free. It doesn't store your IP address or any other in...

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Download my phone is BROKEN my phone is BROKEN icon

my phone is BROKEN

My version of the many 'My screen is broken' app. This concent...

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Download Sheepdog Trial Sheepdog Trial icon

Sheepdog Trial

This app is really free - no adverts! You are a shepherd and you have...

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