• MetaNeko




    Neko the cat comes to your MetaWatch. This is a plugin for MetaWatch Community Edition - it will not show up in your phone's App drawer, you must launch it from within the Apps category of Actions on your Watch, or the Watch Apps section in Preferences. Note this requires MetaWatch...

  • K-9 unread count for DashClock




    K-9 unread count for DashClock is a simple plugin for Roman Nurik's DashClock that lets you see your K-9 mail unread count. PLEASE EMAIL ME A BUG REPORT IF IT DOES NOT UPDATE - I cannot fix issues if you just say it doesn't work - tell me what version of K-9 you have, which Android...

  • MetaWatch Locale Plugin




    This is a Locale plugin for MetaWatch Community Edition. It allows Locale (or compatible apps, such as Llama or Tasker) to display notifications and widgets on your MetaWatch smart watch. Requires MetaWatch Community Edition to be running. It currently has a choice of three functions: *...

  • MetaWatch Community Edition




    MetaWatch Community Edition is a customized community based Android manager application for the MetaWatch family of smart watches, based on the original MetaWatch Manager reference sources. ★★ STRATA and FRAME watches ★★ MetaWatch Community Edition should now be fully compatible with Strata and...

  • MetaWatch Stocks plugin




    This is a plugin app for MetaWatch Community Edition that lets you display stock quote symbols as widgets on your watch. Just run the app, edit the list of symbols (in Yahoo Finance format) and they’ll show up as widgets you can add on the MetaWatch widgets screen.

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