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Easy Acupuncture 3D -FULL

→Study acupuncture the easy way! *For a more extensive acupuncture app, see our "total acupuncture" app* View all acupuncture points and meridians in both full interactive 3D(zoom, pan, rotate & touch) and with the help of 2D illustrated images, animations  and detailed text. This application creates a more fun, easy and interactiv…

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Total Reflexology 3D

Total Reflexology is aimed to create a more fun, easy and interactive way to learn, look up or share information and provides you with a portable reflexology guide (quickly and easily look up anything reflexology related from anywhere). Get a clear & detailed overview of all reflex zones (feet, hands, ears, face) in both full interactive 3D(z…

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Total Acupuncture 3D

!! WORKS ONLY ON NEWER DEVICES (guideline (min): 1gb ram // 1ghz) !! *can always cancel a purchase within 15min through google play, so please test if unsure* ▽Short overview: •Interactive 3D models of all meridians & points (can be displayed on skin or on the anatomical model). •Interactive 3D models of all muscles and bones (can be used to…

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Lovely News

Share, discuss & read positive news from all over the world! Everyday we are bombarded with negative news, meanwhile lots of positive events don't get the attention they deserve. With this app anyone, anywhere can submit an article on any subject that is positive and that they want to share with the world. With time this should create a n…

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Island hOpping

Puzzle your way across islands! Get across the river using only the planks you start with. Think ahead to place planks correctly, pick up planks allong the way and puzzle your path across the dangerous river. Levels range from easy to medium to hard; there are 40 levels total. There is a lite version available to test this game.

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Visual Anatomy - Human Body

An interactive visual guide for learning and understanding human anatomy Quickly get a clear and complete 3 dimensional understanding of all muscles, bones & organs of the human body. Includes the option to add notes, get wikipedia information & images, hide, show, isolate and many more.

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