• Quiz - prawda czy fałsz




    Marzysz o ciekawym bezpłatnym quizie w polskim języku, prawda? Możesz przestać, bo oto nadchodzi Quiz Challenge PL! Gra logiczna wzorowana na polskich teleturniejach (między innymi: jeden z dziesięciu, wielka gra, miliard w rozumie, państwa miasta, milionerzy, krzyżówka szczęścia, czy jesteś...

  • How to become a King




    How to become a King is challenging action game telling about fight with mechanical robots and evil scientist. Impersonate small blue monster and save kidnapped shaman. in this cool platform game you will have to use all your skills to survive. Don't be scared, the steering is really easy....

  • Logic Blocks




    Logic Blocks is logic game similar to block puzzle, classic tangram, tetris or pentomino. Your goal is to fit all shapes into highlighted area. It may seem easy, but we can ensure you, that sometimes you will have to think hard to find the solution. Right now you can play 140 levels grouped in 7...

  • Motivate Me to exercise




    You want to change something in your life, but you don't have enough motivation. Once again you get down to something, but you feel the lack of enthusiasm or inspiration. Do you know this feeling? This app will extract your hidden energy and motivation! perfect for New Year's...

  • 7.2

    Logic Squares




    A fun puzzle game with a captivating interface and an engaging gameplay

  • Dirty Jokes




    No prospects for sex today? Tough luck! We have some consolation for you - the best dirty jokes for Android! In this app, we put the best erotic, dirty and sexy jokes, jokes about sex, porn, eroticism and relationships as well jokes about other unusual situations. We could say that you'll...

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