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    Come play on the world’s largest mobile social gaming network and discover where gaming is going. With tons of hit games—like Crime City, Modern War, and Kingdom Age—GREE is the best place to: Discover Find awesome games, see what your friends are playing, get meaningful recommendations, and...





    (C)BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. Developed by GREE,Inc. [Important Announcement] Closing of PAC-MAN MONSTERS We’re sorry to have to inform to all of our users that as of 03/09 15:00 (JST ) “PAC-MAN MONSTERS” will cease all operations and service. We would like to thank all users that took the time...

  • mg_CUBE.




    Use the simple red/blue power mechanism to navigate your way through a magnetic puzzle. - 51 diverse levels which get more difficult as your proceed - Two modes where you play to see how high a score you can get on special levels without endpoints - Four special stages with dramatic music With...

  • ハコニワ ふしぎな手紙とどうぶつ島【GREE育成ゲーム】




    ★★★★人気急上昇中!育成もできるガーデニングアプリ★★★★ 800万人がプレイする「ハコニワ」から姉妹ゲームがAndroidで新登場! 今ならチュートリアルクリア後にレアどうぶつ「白うさぎ」や、重要アイテム「魔法の実」を300個もプレゼント! GREE(グリー)で大人気のシミュレーションゲーム「ハコニワ」の姉妹ゲームが登場! 大きな画面で簡単ガーデニング♪ 可愛い植物とどうぶつがたくさん登場するよ! ◆◆◆箱庭育成ゲーム「ハコニワ ふしぎな手紙とどうぶつ島」はどうやって遊ぶの?◆◆◆ 小さな世界で植物やどうぶつ達が暮らす、ふしぎな箱 -ハコニワ-...

  • 釣り★スタ【魚釣り・人気つりゲーム】by GREE(グリー)




    大人気釣りゲーム『釣り★スタ』 釣りスタはメールアドレス登録なしで今すぐプレイができます! GREEのダウンロード無料ゲームアプリ『釣り★スタ』がAndroidでも登場! 気軽に本格的な釣りゲームを楽しむなら『釣り★スタ』で決まり!お気に入りの釣り竿でのんび~りしながら魚を釣ったり、一人でも大人数でも参加できるイベントで盛り上がったり、いろんな楽しみ方ができる本格釣りゲーム♪ ★遊び方は簡単♪ ①まずはつり場を選ぼう! ②竿を投げて釣りをしよう! ③魚がかかったら、タイミングをあわせてタップを繰り返す! ④魚を釣り上げる!(何が釣れるかは釣り上ってからのお楽しみ★)...

  • Coup Butat




    Enjoy the story of little pigs and wolves, which you've probably never seen! The Fairy Tale of little pigs and wolf... is familiar to everybody in the world. But this game's story seems a little different to the story we all know... Complete the game, and look forward for the original...

  • Twinlight




    Above the cloud,the star magicians are fighting for protecting light. ▼How to play ・Flick to change the direction of the red&blue magic and destroy enemies (as well as their bullets) ・Combine the red magic and the blue magic to make strong purple magic





    ■【Overview】■ KINETIC PUZZLE ACTION Trace same color blocks to explode !! Compete for scores online ! ■【Game Introduction】■ ・Trace same color blocks. ・Explode them and Get scores ! ・Use boosters, fever mode and bonus blocks for combos ! ・Compete for scores online !! ・Twitter :...

  • 3.0





    Raise and have fun with your Clinoppe

  • el




    Waking up in a forgotten prison, he flies off in search of purpose. Supported OS: Android 4.2+

  • Batman & The Flash: Hero Run




    Batman & the Flash: Hero Run! Become the savior of Gotham City and Gorilla City as you do battle with the Joker and fearsome Gorilla Grodd! - Battle by night: As Batman, exit the shadows and liberate Gotham City from your nemesis, the Joker, and his army of twisted clown thugs. - Race by...

  • 戦国キングダム【戦国カードゲームバトル】GREE(グリー)




    累計270万人が熾烈な戦いを繰り広げたGREE(グリー・ぐりー)No.1戦国RPG・カードバトルゲームが、 遂にAndroidに登場!時代を動かすトリガーはプレイヤー自身! 戦国の歴史を舞台に織田信長や徳川家康などの古今無双の有名武将・姫武将を率いて、強敵を攻略! アナタの手で戦国の世に天下布武(テンカ フブ)を成せ! ダウンロード無料!今ならチュートリアル突破で600コイン相当プレゼント! ★戦国キングダム ~ゲーム概要~ 戦国の歴史を動かす戦(いくさ)に参戦し、有名武将のピンチを救え! 様々な敵武将を倒し、仲間にしよう!...

  • Debris Porter




    Game Introduction ・Clean up outer space by removing debris using simple touch controls. ・Eight levels -- one for each planet in our solar system! ・Free, no ads! How to Play ・Shoot at the space debris. Get three or more debris of the same type touching each other and they will disappear from the...

  • jeLRy




    jeLRy is an action game that challenges the level of your concentration, capacity for judgment and tests your reflex ability. By jumping and shooting, survive from a school of fish attacking you from left and right. 【How to play】 ・Tap right side of the screen to jump and dodge a school of fish....





    HEX is simple, you only need to tap and swipe the hexagon panels! 【How to play】 Turn all the panels white and you win. Each tap changes the panels from white to blue to black. Black panels can move over white panels so various combinations of panels can be produced! At higher levels, unique...

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