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    An entertaining gameplay accompanied by bright graphics.

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    Raise and have fun with your Clinoppe.

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    Download mg_CUBE. mg_CUBE. icon

    An action-puzzle game with simple controls that takes place in a beautiful world of sound and light! Utilize red and blue power to guide a cube through puzzles containing different magnetic objects. - 76 diverse levels which get more difficult as your proceed - Two open-ended levels where you can compete for high scores on the leaderboards - five…

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    ◆Enhanced version of hugely popular game with over 3 million downloads worldwide!◆ With simple rules, a cool look, and players all over the world, Cubic Tour has now been updated extensively with new features! ■Info on new features■ [PLUS] - Plus Mode (endless course) - ・Score is determined by number of blocks lined up! ・Enter thrilling FEVER af…

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    Download MagSorb MagSorb icon

    A baby star embarks on a journey to become the center of a solar system… ・Avoid attacks from enemy planets, but get close enough to absorb them with your gravity field! ・Add stardust to your orbit from absorbed enemy planets and evolve into different stars with unique abilities!

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    Download Amy the Starry Archer Amy the Starry Archer icon
    Amy the Starry Archer

    The evil Star-Eater has stolen all of the stars from the night sky, and it’s up to Amy and her magical bow to get them back! Soar through the skies of a fantasy world, in this visually stunning, flight-based action game! System Requirements CPU: * with dual core * with 1.5GHz or better Screen Resolutions: * 960x640 pixels or higher RAM: * 1024MB o…

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    Download SONIC BANG SONIC BANG icon

    How good is your concentration? SONIC BANG is a very simple one-tap quick draw game which tests your concentration. Compete in real time with people all over the world! Genre: Casual / Action Supported device: Android 4.0+

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    Download Coup Butat Coup Butat icon
    Coup Butat

    Enjoy the story of little pigs and wolves, which you've probably never seen! The Fairy Tale of little pigs and wolf... is familiar to everybody in the world. But this game's story seems a little different to the story we all know... Complete the game, and look forward for the original ending! ★Easy and Exciting ★ Running Action Game★ [Ho…

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    Download Animal Wrestler Animal Wrestler icon
    Animal Wrestler

    In Animal Wrestler, you can pit hamsters against bears and rabbits against turtles! - Easy to play, hard to master! Use the ring's ropes to smash wrestler against wrestler - Aim to be a champion in story mode with a total of 4 tournaments - Versus mode where you can play against up to 4 friends - Fully customize your wrestler's costume…

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