Green Bird Labs

  • One Player HD

    One Player HD




    One Player HD is a multimedia player for mobile and tablet devices. Opens all kinds of video files stored on the SD card of your device. Also allows video streming through URLs.

  • Push the button (Clicker Game)

    Push the button (Clicker Game)




    Click on the red button as fast as you can. If you make less than 10 seconds over 25 clicks, you will add 5 extra seconds. Click as fast as you can to beat the challenge without you last second. Compete with friends and unlock achievements.

  • Mobile Power Test

    Mobile Power Test




    Is your mobile phone on? Check it with this app.

  • Auto Whip

    Auto Whip




    Automatic Whip, shake it to spank your friends!

  • BaDumTss





    Someone just told a very bad joke? Click on the screen and give him a Ba Dum Tss!

  • Nuclear Alarm

    Nuclear Alarm




    Take out your phone, touch on the screen and enjoy with this incredible nuclear alarm. Very useful for nuclear disasters or trolling. Homer Simpson approves this application.

  • Boado FC

    Boado FC




    Mobile application to check all information concerning the Boado FC and other teams in the area.

  • Air Horn

    Air Horn




    an air horn that sounds loud!! MOOOOOOHHHHH

  • Air Health

    Air Health




    App that shows the air quality in various cities displaying these parametres: - Condition - AQI (Air Quality Index) - PM 2.5 - Current Temperature - Graphics historicals, max and min Available Cities: - Beijing - Shanghai - Guangzhou

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