Green Bird Labs

  • Boado FC




    Mobile application to check all information concerning the Boado FC and other teams in the area.

  • Push the button (Clicker Game)




    Click on the red button as fast as you can. If you make less than 10 seconds over 25 clicks, you will add 5 extra seconds. Click as fast as you can to beat the challenge without you last second. Compete with friends and unlock achievements.

  • Mobile Power Test




    Is your mobile phone on? Check it with this app.

  • Auto Whip




    Automatic Whip, shake it to spank your friends!

  • BaDumTss




    Someone just told a very bad joke? Click on the screen and give him a Ba Dum Tss!

  • Nuclear Alarm




    Take out your phone, touch on the screen and enjoy with this incredible nuclear alarm. Very useful for nuclear disasters or trolling. Homer Simpson approves this application.

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