Green Robot Studios

  • Meeting Soundboard

    Meeting Soundboard




    Be prepared for your next office meeting with these great sound clips. Play them at the most opportune time to lighten the mood, tease co-workers, or just cause a little mayhem. Designed as a widget, so you can leave it on your home screen, ready for use! Crickets Dun Dun (Law and Order sound)...

  • Dexterize





    Dexter, your favorite television serial killer, is now running loose on Android! Take your friend's picture and make them his latest victim! Position the cheek cut wherever you want. Perfect for facebook pictures, tweets, or whatever else you want!

  • SMS Logger Pro

    SMS Logger Pro


    Make sure you know who's texting your child! Nothing is more important than your child's safety when they're using a cell phone. SMS Logger records all INCOMING text messages (SMS) and lets YOU, the parent, review them. At this time, it's not possible to view outgoing text...

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