• myLesson XL




    School lesson timetable. Now you can carry your school timetable on your phone. View a table showing a week of lessons, or just view a list of todays lessons. Subjects are colour coded for easy reference. This version has been optimised to run on phones or tablets using Android versions 7-13....

  • dont4get XL




    Don't forget the important jobs, tasks and things that you need to do. Create a list of scheduled events which can be synchronised with your online calendar. dont4get creates special calendar events (tasks) which are stored on your Android phone or tablet. If an online calendar is selected...

  • dont4get Widget XL




    IMPORTANT: This widget requires that dont4get XL is installed. For more details seach for dont4get XL. The widget provides a Home Screen view for dont4get XL, showing details of the next Task due. The widget icon button can be used to launch the dont4get XL editor. The widget view is...

  • taskQ Plus


    Task list for Android Calendar. Feat: -Add Task -single/repeat -phone/Google/Exchange -allDay -startTime/duration -repeat until -repeat interval -alert -Edit -Toggle Status (Active/Done) -Delete -View (Active/All) -View task detail -View calendar -About/help Try taskQ for free before you...

  • taskQ Lite




    Task list for Android Calendar. NEW: compatible with taskQwidget (see market) Functions: -Create Task -single/repeat -phone/Google/Exchange -start time/duration opt -alert -Edit Task -Toggle Status (Active/Done) -Delete Task -View (Active/All) -View task detail -View calendar -About/help...

  • taskQ Widget


    Home screen widget for taskQ Plus taskQ Lite Place the widget on your home screen to display the Title & Start Time of your next task. Use the widget button to launch taskQ Lite or taskQ Plus to edit your task list To install: Menu/Add/Widget Fix: no tasks msg

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