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KUMPA Labyrinth Free

NEW: Includes all levels previously available as an additional download (US $ 1.79 value). Explore dangerous ancient Inca temples, each with its unique labyrinth and challenges. With the help of the gods, ancient spellcasters have protected the sacred place. "K’UMPA" is an ancient Inca word for ball. Discover many special fields influenc…

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Multitouch Test

Multitouch Test allows you to find out the multi touch capabilities of your device. It supports up to 20 pointers (fingers). Each touch pointer is visualized with a colored circle (blue: down, green: move, grey: up). This app also helps developers to learn about MotionEvents, pointer IDs, and ACTION codes.

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Event Performance

For developers only! This app benchmarks Android developer libraries and is of no use for end users! EventBus is a central publish/subscribe library to decouple Android components like Fragments, Activities and background threads/services. This app benchmarks EventBus against other event bus libraries, currently only Otto. See for yourself which…

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Football 2010 Nations

Support your team with Football 2010: Select your country and show your flag. Play the national anthem and sing along. Show everybody which team you support and what country you stand for. Be a patriot, download now. New: Set your flag as wallpaper, and your anthem as ringtone!

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