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  • Kindergarten8





    App for kids from 2-6 years featuring 1. Alphabets charts/quiz 2. Numbers charts/quiz 3. Rhymes 4. Playground 5. Educational charts

  • GS Kids! Preschool Numbers

    GS Kids! Preschool Numbers




    ** Features: • Nine colorful & engaging math games designed to provide basic number precepts. • Covers math topics in categories such as sorting, addition and subtraction. • Core activities for foundation stage of primary school. • A common playground for randomly playing all the games. •...

  • GS Kids! Shapes & Colors

    GS Kids! Shapes & Colors




    Make your kids’ learning fun! GS Kids! Shapes & Colors is an entertaining kids learning app developed by professionals. A collection of 10 very basic and engaging activities, this app will help the child to integrate into the preschool program. Unique and interactive activities help the...

  • GS Kids! Preschool Letters

    GS Kids! Preschool Letters




    ** Features: • Ten simple & colorful games designed to help young kids learn basics of English. • An effective and engaging way, designed especially for toddlers and preschoolers. • Covers preliminary English precepts such as alphabet recognition, phonics, and simple words. • Core activities...

  • GS Kids! Preschool Games

    GS Kids! Preschool Games




    • Successful Kids app with 2,50,000 downloads over a year. • Popular among kids with almost 5 million+ games played monthly. ** Reviews: • - Free app that gives lots of choices for your preschooler in a way they can grasp • - lovely app that encourages 3- to...

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