Grégory Flipo

  • GW2 - WvW Assistant

    GW2 - WvW Assistant


    Welcome to the Guild Wars 2 World versus World Assistant ! Designed for strategic Commanders but also for WvW invested players, the GW2 WvW Assistant will give you in real time an overview of the battlefield. All objectives are represented on the dynamic map, with the color of the current world...

  • Guild wars 2 - News Reader

    Guild wars 2 - News Reader




    Guildwars 2 - News Reader is a widget created to automatically get news about Guildwars 2 from multiple sources. Every hour, the widget gets the latest news from the GW2 official website, from the GW2 Facebook page, and from GW2 Twitter feed, allowing you to have an instant access to all...

  • Guild Wars 2-Hall of Monuments

    Guild Wars 2-Hall of Monuments




    This application allows you to access your Hall of Monuments directly from your Android device. ***** NOTE : You must enter a character name from the original Guild Wars game to access your Hall of Monuments. A Guild Wars 2 character name won't work ! ***** The Hall of Monuments exposes...

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