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The Griffith App has been developed in partnership with Blackboard Inc. to provide staff, students and visitors to Griffith University (Australia) with a diverse suite of interactive features to enhance their university experience. Features: 

 - Email: direct link to Griffith’s student email login page. - Maps: scalable maps with augmented real…

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Coastal Life of SE Queensland

This app is designed to assist you in identifying over 540 species of plants and animals from a variety of coastal communities and habitats across South East Queensland. The app is easily-accessible, compact and lightweight, and is a perfect companion for students, fieldworkers, those undertaking tertiary environmental studies, and for the interest…

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GC Dog Parks

GC Dog Parks provides information about dog parks on the Gold Coast. It currently displays on-leash, off-leash, and dog prohibited areas. Use the near me feature to find dog parks near you. Dog parks can be further filtered by poo bags and dog agility areas. Developed by Griffith University - App Factory With funding from City of Gold Coast Data p…

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Griffith MBA

The Griffith MBA app gives you up-to-date business tips and ideas based on Griffith University Business School’s progressive set of values: responsible leadership, sustainable business practices and global orientation with an Asia-Pacific focus. This app connects you to the Griffith MBA through regular updates, invitations to events and social…

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This app is designed to assist you in identifying 200 species of plants in 6 different plant communities across all 5 Griffith University campuses. The app is easily-accessible, compact and lightweight and is a perfect companion for fieldwork, environmental studies as well as general interest. It provides an interactive, modern and exciting insight…

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Forensic Chemistry Virtual Crime Scene simulates the processing of a basic crime scene. From the initial stages of forensic documentation and presenting initial interviews, the students then move around a crime scene laid out by the convening academic. Students scan samples via QR codes laid around the scene and using electronic manuals they dete…

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A Matter of Perspective

A Matter of Perspective is a graphic novel intended to engage readers in academic theory and what it means to be human - basically taking more complex theories and making them relatable and easier to grasp. The content is enhanced by notes from the authors and illustrator which accompany key panels. Swipe or tap through the pages to read the story…

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ARCH History

It is important for students of Architecture to understand that built form reflects the culture of place and time. By knowing where particular architectural projects around the world fit into that timeline of history, students can connect key buildings to their broader social, political and economic context. In this way, innovative construction-bas…

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CliniHelp is a comprehensive record-keeping tool specifically designed for patients suffering from: - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS); - Multiple Sclerosis (MS); and - Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). CliniHelp helps you to record your symptoms and track your condition on a weekly basis by keeping detailed records of information relevant to CFS, MS a…

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H2GU is a product that is currently open only to Griffith University students studying Pollution Chemistry. It allows you to record water pollutions levels while in the field which replaces the need for paper based forms. Locations can be created as multiple tests are conducted they can be compared to see if variations have occurred and need furt…

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