Ground Road Technology

  • Lost Knight - 3D action




    Lost Knight is a perspective 3D action game fun 360 degrees ♪ Let's capture in time the complex stage ! · Aim at the goal by making full use of 360-degree rotation, move, jump, attack! · Let's defeat ghosts will pop! · Please capture the stage by controlling the camera 360 degrees! ·...

  • Long Run Knight in nightmare


    Let's run away by manipulating the knight being chased! * Operation Up button jump, two-step jump Button above to sliding during rising. Down button: Required when you pass through the lower sliding, of the fence. Under button, and drop accelerated during the jump. Left and right...

  • Weak Reversi. 64-0




    It is a weak Reversi. I can also play against two people. Come on pocket. Come to practice even for beginners. Please aim 64-0 complete domination. Othello? please play with Reversi.

  • Dice Memory




    Dice Memory is the brain app to train the memory instantaneous. The game is simple. Start by selecting the number of Dice. Few seconds, please remember the dice. Please to display the face of dices that was stored Clear After combined All faces! · The number of correct answers displays the...

  • Count Cubes 3D. makes brain up




    Please count the number of cubes in 15 seconds! It is a problem of the type in question, such as intelligence test of elementary and junior high school students. - Stereoscopic - Arithmetic - Mental arithmetic - Reflexes It becomes the practice to train the ability of such. Clear each...

  • Coin Catcher Boo. try 30 sec.


    Coin Catcher Boo. please control a pig and catch coins ! 30 sec .time trial ! * touch START GAME * 30 sec. catch coins ! * touch arrows and control boo.

  • salecalc Calculate Save Price




    salecalc is free app that helps you calculate the price after discount for an item on sale. calculate List Price * discount % = the Price ! Please use when you are shopping on SALE. example : $149.99 item 25 % off ? How match is Discount Price ? . Simple Design . no internet, no permission...

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