Grover Cleveland High School

  • Hearing



    App will help you locate hearing aid dispensaries in Manhattan

  • Time Help

    Time Help


    Allows people to keep track of multiple timers, when one goes off, the timer will flash the screen and buzz. Intended for the hearing impaired.

  • Monkey Tail

    Monkey Tail


    Helping parents/guardians track children when playing outside. Know when your child gets too far away. Notes: Distances are approximate






    BETA VERSION Uses text to speach to easily speak common phrases. Especially useful for the hearing impaired.

  • Elderly Help

    Elderly Help


    BETA Version Will send a notification to a family member if the phone senses a shock (e.g. elderly person falling), this app is targeted towards the elderly hearing impaired since they have more difficulty with balance. You have the option to stop the message if you are OK or accidentally drop...

  • Workplace Safety

    Workplace Safety




    WorkplaceSafety is an application that contains certain information relating the workplace. It provides the user with knowledge about the workers’ rights, as well as; common injuries, facts and statistics and helpful websites.

  • Safety Scramble

    Safety Scramble




    Safety Scramble is a word guessing game. There are three categories to choose from School Lab Safety, Fire Safety and Construction Safety. Each category contains safety words that are important to know. The word would appear in random order and you will have to guess the correct word. Definitions...

  • Space Battle

    Space Battle




    This app is a fun game people can enjoy playing at anytime. Engaging in Combat an enemy ship, shooting lasers, and dodging asteroids to stay alive.

  • Gnome Bridge

    Gnome Bridge


    This app is a game that challenges a persons luck rather than skill. Anyone can be a winner with Gnome Bridge!. In this game player’s role two dice in order to gain a high score the first one to reach the winning amount wins.

  • Checklist



    This app is a tool that can be used daily, to help people who have a hard time remembering important things such as notes, medication, appointments. It can also be used for more personal things like going shopping. This app is a great way to keep track of things.

  • That's the Country

    That's the Country


    It is an app where the outlines of countries are shown and you have to guess the name of the country.

  • Brace Yourself

    Brace Yourself




    If you’re looking to learn on how to make these fascinating bracelets this is the app for you! You’ll enjoy this amazing application that shows you how to make different types of bracelets. If you’re worried about if your not advanced don’t because he have three levels for beginners, intermediate...






    Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock: It is an app which you can play the classis old hand game of rock, paper, scissors. You can use to decide who starts a game off or play a game up to 15 against the CPU. This is an app created by high school students for an Android App Design course.

  • Math With Suen

    Math With Suen




    This is the mathematical application for you! This application is for students and teachers that are looking for references in the subjects of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. The main protagonist for our application is Mr. Suen! In our app we have various formulas that maybe needed...

  • MoloToHelp





    This app helps people who suffer from dementia; it helps them remember letters in a specific order. It’s extremely easy to use and when you guess the letters correctly, the user sees a huge green check but if people guessed wrong you see a huge red X. It’s a fun game to improve your memory and...

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