• Mahjong Saga

    Mahjong Saga


    Match the identical mahjong pieces to clear all the map. The tile is unlocked when its two adjacent edges are opened. Clear all the candies to win. Complete all the callenging levels and then you'll win the game. Game leads from simple levels to hard levels.

  • Collapse Saga

    Collapse Saga




    Hello match 3 puzzle players! The Collapse Saga have arrived to Android. Take the bubble exploding experience to the next level with this game. Your goal is to match sets of two or more funny looking bugs of the same color to remove them from the board and have combo points added to your score....

  • Mahjong Kingdom

    Mahjong Kingdom




    Let's train your brain with our amazing multiple-level Mahjong. Try out our new relaxing Mahjongg game which trains memory, problem solving and visual perception and take your time finding all matching pairs of tiles. There is no timer to worry about. Make combinations of two identical pieces...

  • Little Big Restaurant

    Little Big Restaurant




    In Little Big Restaurant shew you serve Burgers and American cuisine for all countries of the world. One set of restaurant games that need many skills. This is a simulation game used to keep customers happy. See many scenarios nicely decorated in each of the sets of restaurant games of every...

  • My Penguin Restaurant

    My Penguin Restaurant




    Penguin Restaurant is a fun game where you'll have to show your American cuisine style for all the people in this cold polar region. You need to play and show all your skills. If you like restaurants, the penguins and the kitchen, this is a delicious game that lets you see and serve many...

  • Pet Vet Star

    Pet Vet Star




    If you want to work as a doctor of pets now is your chance. In this game of veterinarians, not long ago you've opened a clinic specialized in small animals and you have to prove that it is the best in town. Put them on the table, they will be examined, and then you must take them again with...

  • Peg





    Peg solitaire, Solo Noble, Senku, or Brainvita is a board game involving movement of pegs on a board with holes. Some sets use marbles in a board with indentations. And digital games as this one use colors circles. A valid move is to jump a peg orthogonally over an adjacent peg into a hole two...

  • Little Big Nursery

    Little Big Nursery




    Show your talent as a nanny to care for these nice babies. You have recently opened a daycare and you have to show that your kindergarten is the best to leave your care to the children. Do not let them cry, and give them what they need at all times. Babies can ask for games, you also have to...

  • Candy Lines Halloween

    Candy Lines Halloween




    If you play Candy Lines Halloween you will go to a magical world where speed and strategy will make that you can pass to the next level. Your mission will consist of join lines with the same items. If appear pumpkins, you will have to join at least three so that they disappear and so you can...

  • Mahjong of Thrones

    Mahjong of Thrones




    The game Mahjong (also known as mah-jongg-jongg, mahjongg, mijang, Shanghai, Taipei, Morejongg, Mindjongg, Mahjong Solitaire, etc.), aims to remove all the tiles from the board. Find identical tiles with some extreme right or left free (i.e., does not have a contiguous tile) and click on the same...

  • Dress Up Gothic Girl

    Dress Up Gothic Girl




    We bring you one of the best dress up games. Show us that you have a knack for combining clothes. : D This time we bring you Diana, gothic girl who likes to combine dark colors. The fashion of this girl is very special as it is a fancy dress but with very many followers. I love being able to...

  • Dark Gothic

    Dark Gothic




    If you like the Gothic style and you feel identified with it now you have the opportunity to have fun playing this game to a Gothic girl. Choose from a wide variety of tattoos or piercings. You can also choose multitude of hairstyles in shapes and colors, as well as different spectacular...

  • Dots in a Row

    Dots in a Row




    This is a game to exercise the mind. You have to get four lines or columns with same color. It is a game similar to the four in a row but dots can change to the free position that you prefer. The only thing that you have to avoid at all costs is that the board is filled with chips, because then...

  • Jewels Empire

    Jewels Empire




    Description: Enjoy this incredible match puzzle game! With colorful graphics and great gameplay. Jewels Empire takes the moving blocks game style to a whole new level. Get ready to have days of fun with Jewels Empire! How to play: Tap one jewel and after put it in a hole. The goal is align four...

  • Lovely Mahjong

    Lovely Mahjong




    Lovely Mahjong is a tile matching puzzle game. You must touch on any free tiles (those that haven't other at left or right) to select them and match them with other free tiles with the same face to eliminate them from the board. This mahjong is inspirated in Valentine's day and is...

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