• Mahjong Sweet




    Match the identical mahjong pieces to clear all the map. The tile is unlocked when its two adjacent edges are opened. Clear all the candies to win. Complete all the callenging levels and then you'll win the game. Game leads from simple levels to hard levels.

  • Millennium Mahjong


    Mahjong Millennium is a Free Mahjong game based on the traditional Chinese puzzle game called Mahjong Taipei, but with a futuristic graphics. In many places it is also known as Shanghai Mahjong, Chinese Mah-jongg or Kyodai Mahjong. In the game, you'll have to remove all the tiles from each of...

  • Diner Restaurant (Ad-Free)


    Ad-free version of the game Diner Restaurant restaurants. You can serve burgers, sandwiches and food that each customer asks. There will be times when you have to choose you want to do in the morning. You want to start the day cooking or serving? Do you like serve o cooking games? You have...

  • Zen Mahjong




    Search the challenge one of our amazing mahjong games for free and enjoy the ancient tradition of Chinese puzzles. In the game, you go play different boards with increasing difficulty and for hours enjoying this wonderful zen mahjong. It has many levels. The mah jong, also called Mahjongg many...

  • Robots and Monsters


    Immerse yourself in a world filled with action and monsters. Jump, dodge, and show off your skills in one of the most entertaining games invented. With a style of play reminiscent of the retro era, you can take on your friends at this frenetic game thanks to our incorporated tags. During the...

  • 6.6

    Sweet Connect




    Create matches and link similar candy to progress through the game

  • 6.6

    Sweet Lines




    Create matches and link similar candy to progress through the game

  • Ice Cream Restaurant FULL




    NOW FULL FREE!!! Julie is the star of this management and restaurant game. Your mission will be to help serve customers delicious ice cream that will be sitting in your restaurant tables ice cream on the street. In this adventure you will travel around the world with your ice cream cart, and...

  • 6.1

    4 Jewels




    A simple puzzle game for enjoying with the family

  • Sweet Mahjong




    Mahjong is a free solitaire game where the player is challenged to eliminate all pieces from the board. Find matching pairs of images from the end lines of the game pyramid of pieces. This mah-jong game is great. Very sweet. If you like mind challenges, this mahjong will be your favorite. Full of...

  • Peg




    Peg solitaire, Solo Noble, Senku, or Brainvita is a board game involving movement of pegs on a board with holes. Some sets use marbles in a board with indentations. And digital games as this one use colors circles. A valid move is to jump a peg orthogonally over an adjacent peg into a hole two...

  • Pet Vet Star




    If you want to work as a doctor of pets now is your chance. In this game of veterinarians, not long ago you've opened a clinic specialized in small animals and you have to prove that it is the best in town. Put them on the table, they will be examined, and then you must take them again with...

  • Little Big Restaurant




    In Little Big Restaurant shew you serve Burgers and American cuisine for all countries of the world. One set of restaurant games that need many skills. This is a simulation game used to keep customers happy. See many scenarios nicely decorated in each of the sets of restaurant games of every...

  • Pumpkin Mahjong




    Mahjong is a fun game as you know. You try to eliminate pairs of tiles with the same drawing of the Board with the condition that there is not another piece at left or at right. Mahjong involves skill, strategy, and calculation and in this occasion our Mahjong is inspired by this time of year so...

  • My name in Ninja




    I would like to know what would be your name if you were a ninja? We bring this ninja translator to discover what would be your name. Use an interpretation of words which separates into blocks of letters for better readability. This ninja translator is basically to translate names. No phrases.

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