• Numer Konta




    Simple application to validate and get information about Polish bank account number.

  • SIM Card




    Simple application to display information about SIM card in your device. It shows also contacts saved on SIM card. Press on selected parameter to copy it to clipboard. In the same way you can copy, share, call and send message to selected number on SIM card. This application doesn't...

  • Flags Widget




    Flags of the World widget. Collection of about 250 flags to put on the desktop. Widget size is 1x1. To activate widget: 1. Long press on the screen 2. When menu appears, select Widgets option 3. Next select Flag Widget 4. Window with list of countries will open 5. Select country from the list 6....

  • Nursery Rhyme




    Collection of classic songs for kids with lyrics. List of songs: - A Wise Old Owl - A-Tisket, A-Tasket - Aiken Drum - Baa Baa Black Sheep - Bye, Baby Bunting - Clap Your Hands - Cock a doodle doo - Hickory Dickory Dock - Humpty Dumpty - Jack and Jill - London Bridge is Falling Down - Mary Had...

  • Full Classic Movies




    Huge collection of full length, old classic movies to watch. Almost 500 movies to select. Get more information about movie by checking IMDb or Amazon page for selected title. All movies in this application are legal (public domain). Application requires internet connection and YouTube player or...

  • 6.0

    Root Check




    Root Check verifies your device root status

  • Apps Mosaic




    Simple application to generate mosaic image with installed applications icons. Easily share generated mosaic on Facebook or Google+. Use this tool to show your friends what applications you have on your mobile. This is ad supported version.

  • Resistor




    Simple application to calculate resistance. It supports 3, 4, 5 and 6 bands resistors. You can easily share calculated resistance.

  • USA Flags Widget




    Flag of the United States and 50 flags of the U.S. states. Everything in one place - in easy to use widget. Select flags and put them on your mobile screen. Widget size is 2x1. Because it's application widget, it can't be moved to SD card. To activate widget: 1. Long press on the...

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