• Music Tagger - ID3 Tag Editor




    ID3 Tag information and the album cover (Album art) image editor for music files. ◈ Support the ability to - Editing ID3 Tag information(Title, artist, album) - Supports Audio Files: OGG, FLAC, MP3, WMA - Automatic search for the tag information (MP3 only) - downloading Album cover (Album art)...

  • 뮤직캣 - 가사/음정/속도 뮤직플레이어




    뮤직캣(MusiCat)은 가수, 앨범, 폴더 탐색, 재생속도, 피치(키)조절과 실시간 싱크가사 및 음정을 표현하는 ASS 멜로디가사와 사용자 친화형 스킨 등을 지원하는 뮤직 플레이어입니다. ◈ 주요 기능 - 사용자 지정 스킨 색상 - 되감기 / 빨리감기 (이전곡, 다음곡 버튼을 길게 누름) - 어학 학습에 필요한 재생속도 조절 및 AB 구간 반복 기능 - 음정 변화 없는 재생속도/음정(키) 변환 기능 (CPU/ABI armabi-v7a, 4.1 젤리빈+, wma 제외) - 재생 목록 관리 (재생 순서 변경: 항목 좌측...

  • One Touch Drawing Master




    One Touch Drawing Master is a simple and very addictive brain puzzle game. You have to draw all lines without repeat. There are special mode which is named as "Master mode". In Master mode to challenge your best record. Three mistakes, game over. More wonderful levels will be added,...

  • Basketball Champion




    "Launch 50 Bucks paid" . Best basketball game "Basketball Champion" . Who enjoy basketball game, Try demonstrate in your skills Exert. . Basketball game that you can enjoy together with people around the world. . It is a simple, realistic physics and fun to enjoy basketball...

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