• Bulky Ball


    Bulky ball is a breakout game.On this game all rounds are little and easy to play.. This version is limited to 2 lives,play 10 levels,and iads support. You can buy full version to have: -Play over 80 rounds -High Score Online support,compare your score with other persons -18 Power full...

  • Karsus


    Karsus Is an arcade adventure game. Story: Karsus found a magic book during an expedition. When he returned home, a storm struck with full force, forcing him to drop his book in a cave. Help him find the magic book. Features: -Continue support -Game Center Leaderboard -Over 100 rooms -Music...

  • Roland in Time




    Roland in time is an arcade plateforme game if the original game released in 1984 by AMSOFT(r). Features: All original levels Remixed Musics Continue support Enhanced graphics Tags: Manic Miner jetset willy amstrad cpc 464 old school retro remake





    The blaggers is an arcade platforme game. Guide our heros to collect all key and go to safe security to go next levels.There are many monsters on each levels. Features: -Retro style graphics -Option music,sound fx on/off -High Score Online Tags: Manic Miner Jetset willy Blagger son of...





    Lazy Caverns is an arcade plateforme game.Help our heroes to find his son losting in the caves. Enjoy... Tested on some device. Tags: Manic Miner , The Blaggers , Jetset Willy , amstrad, spectrum, retro arcade platform game All title name are registered by their authors.

  • Mechanician Alex 2




    Mechanician Alex 2 is an arcade platform game. Story: When Alex has finished repairing his car,a terrible monster dropped a bomb on his house.Help Alex to defeat the monster by travelling different levels ..Take key to open doors,active lever to open gate.... Tags: Manic Miner jetset willy cpc...

  • Lazy Caverns 2




    Lazy Caverns 2 is an arcade platform game Story: Roby Kid want's again some Marbles.Guide his father to collect alls marbles on each Levels. Features: -Highscore -Continue Support -Retro graphics -More Stuff Tags: Lazy Caverns Marbles retro spectrum manic miner cpc amstrad, jet set willy...

  • 3T Games Compilation 2


    3T Games Compilation 2 is a compilation of 4 games in 1. Play Naoki Tales,Pablo's fruit,Legend of Max ,and Unreal Land. Naoki Tales: Play over 35 Levels Continue support Highscore online Pablo's Fruit: Play 20 Levels Highscore online Unreal Land: Play over 18 levels Continue support...

  • Caverns of Mars




    Caverns of Mars is an arcade plateforme game,this is a remake of the game released on 1985 on Amstrad cpc.If you like Manic Miner or Jetset willy ,this game is for you. Level selector and Sound On/Off included. tags: Manic miner, jetset willy c64 Amstrad cpc monty mole

  • 3T Games Compilation 1




    Welcome to 3TGames Compilation 1. This compilation groups 4 games in 1. Lazy Caverns, logan's treasure, The Blaggers and Ted Remixed. This four game is a retro classics game.If you play Manic Miner ,Jetset willy on Amstrad C64 Zx Spectrum. This compilations is for you. Games: Lazy Caverns:...

  • Legend of Max




    Legend of Max is an arcade adventure game. Help Max(little DOG) to find his master. In this game, you must find key,make puzzles,combinations to advance.. Target devices: Samsung GalaxyS2/S3 and other dual processors fast devices like Galaxy Tab 10.1 1.4 ghz. Tags: super mario bros platform...

  • Arkanoidz




    Arkanoidz is a Breakout Game ,clone of Arkanoid game. Features: More than 40 levels 17 Powers Up(Fire,,Life,Fire Ball,Stretch,Lazer Bar and more...) Highscore Online Compatible with 2.1+ device. Worked on Xperia X10i,Xperia Play,Htc Desire,Samsung Galaxy S2 Before buying,check free version of...

  • Amazing Land




    Amazing Land is an arcade adventure game.This is a clone of the famous games released on 1986-1990,like Super mario Bros Snes ,The great giana sisters Amiga . This game is also a game where you must reflect,activate,move,or Drag and drop object to finish some levels so look around. Features:...

  • Adventure Of Shina




    Adventure of Shina is an arcade plateforme game. Your mission is to paint all blocks on levels. In Game: Collect paint all bloks,take key to open door and go to next level To teleport on door,just press fire button. Tested on Xperia Play,Xperia X10i,Htc desire. Tags: Manic Miner , Jetset...

  • Fast Manicz




    Fast Manicz us an arcade platform game.Do you like Manic Miner ? This game is for you. Simple to play.Take key on level and go to door.You must hurry before time ran out. Simple but play faster. Features: -Over 70 Levels -Saving your score -Update free,more options to come,like Continue ,online...

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