• myFavorite




    You can add your favorite or frequently used contacts and applications to myFavorite. Just add myFavorite to your home screen only, you will be able to get all of your favorite things. And you'll be able to add more things to myFavorite in the further releases. If any issues or suggestions...

  • Private Sms




    Have you experienced that when someone play your phone and look at your private sms? PrivateSms can protect your SMS by password and auto-protect your future msgs by senders which you added to the private list. *group send function V2.3.0 fix some msgs get through bug. Please email me if any...

  • GSMS




    Functions: 1.Password protect private and important SMS. 2.Junk SMS filter,block someone's SMS. 3.Custom folder,you can add custom folder to manage you SMS,the SMS will be moved to folder automatically according to the number list. 4.Group send SMS,send SMS to more than 1 people,or send sms...

  • Private Sms Trial




    This is the 48 hours TRIAL version of Private Sms The app can protect your SMS by password and auto-protect your future msgs by senders which you added to the sender list. *group send function NOTE:please move ALL Private msgs to inbox first before uninstall the trial version. Please email me...

  • Super Choicer Pro


    Have you experienced that when you have several option to select and do not know which one to select, now, Super Choicer will help you to make decision. IMPORTANT: the app is for entertainment and the choice is made total randomly. We are not responsible for the choice result of the app. :)...

  • PhotoGuard Pro




    Before install the paid version, you have to uninstall the lite version first. PhotoGuard can: 1.Hide pictures behind password protection. 2.long click photos to set tag 3.Multi-add photos from Gallery->multiSelect->Share with PhotoGuard. IMPORTANT: Hit "menu" to import photos...

  • Super Password Box




    Have you experienced that can not remember a password which you do not used for a long time? You must have lots username/password in different website or bank or anywhere you need a password. Now, Super Password Box is your needed! You can just use it to manage all your password easily and...

  • Super Copy Pro


    Super copy can help you faster copy frequently used words to where you want to input and save lots of times. Just click the item to copy and then paste to where you want. Quite simple and easy to use. Long click the item to delete the words which you do not want to use any more. Feel free to...

  • GEXRate




    Provide real time exchange rate. You can use this app to check the real time exchage rate. Including a lot of popular currencies,such as USD,EUR,AUD,JPY,NZD,CNY,HKD,etc. Ps: The data of exchange rate is only for reference, please do not use these data for trading. Thanks for your support.

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