• Planet Defender




    Planet Defender is a simple to play, yet hard to master shoot-em game. Your ship is flying around your home planet, and you must shoot down the incoming ships before they destroy the planet. Each enemy that hits the planet makes the planet smaller, until it eventually explodes. tab anywhere on...

  • NWService Weather Lite




    Now NWService Weather Lite is the Full Version of NWService, only with Ads! You get it all, Full Radar, Weather Radar Widget, Everything! Get All your Weather needs directly from the National Weather Service in an easy to use format. Uses your current location to get local Forecast, Current...

  • Deb's Clock Calculator




    A simple calculator that calculates time elapsed between 2 times. Units are Minutes and Seconds, but it will also work as hours and minutes.

  • High Low Card Game




    Game of high or low. All you do is guess if the next card will be higher or lower than the card facing up. See how many you can get in a row, you will be shocked on how hard this game really is! Tons of animations, sounds, and really a fun free game!

  • NWService Radar and Weather




    Description: NEW Widget--Full radar on your home screen, with zoom in and out. Check it out! Displays real-time local and national weather radar directly from the National Weather Service on Google Maps in an easy to use program. Zoom in/out, loop weather radar images, current storm warnings,...

  • GolfGPS by




    Gives accurate GPS distance to the green (yards or meters). 100% FREE, AD FREE, NO Internet usage. First developed WM years ago. Over 3,500 courses available, create and download courses courses at NOTE: Must have SDCard, and courses must be placed on the root of the card, or...

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