Guilherme Brighenti

  • New Number Brazil




    Update your phonebook to the new number format in seconds. From October 27th 2013, phone numbers of some states of Brazil will have an extra 9th digit, these are the area code affected: * São Paulo (11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 e 19) * Rio de Janeiro (21,22,24) * Espirito Santo (27,28) * Amapá (96) *...

  • Velocidade




    Velocidade - Notícias Automotivas Chegou o aplicativo oficial do O Velocidade é um blog criado há 4 anos e que tem como foco comentar os principais fatos e notícias do automobilismo nacional e mundial, como * F1 * MotoGP * Indy * Nascar * Stock Car * Formula Truck * Rally...

  • Remote Call Divert




    Forgot your phone in your house? Expecting important calls? Don’t worry, this app allows you to receive your calls even being far from your phone. Very useful to people who need to receive calls frequently and just forgot the phone somewhere else! This app lets you activate remotely a call...

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