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パズル&ドラゴンズ(Puzzle & Dragons)

[Game introduction] It is a large adventure at a puzzle! This game is a game which ventures by the power of a puzzle together with a monster. I will venture the dungeon in the world and will find out a legendary dragon! * A cardinal rule is an easy puzzle! About the drops of the same color, it is a puzzle game arranged and erased three at len…

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ありがとう4周年! おかげさまで1111万ダウンロード! 蹴って、飛ばして、倒す快感! 「ケリ姫」シリーズの最新作 『ケリ姫スイーツ』 ◇◆『姫』を操り『兵士』を蹴り飛ばせ!!◆◇ 前作以上に蹴って蹴って蹴りまくれ! 『パズル』と『RPG要素』をプラスした 『アクションパズルRPG』の集大成! 簡単操作で『触って納得!楽しさMAX!』 『スイーツシステム』導入でバトルが更に激…

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Puzzle & Dragons

Multiplayer Mode has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons, the go-to choice for the mobile Puzzle RPG experience. Team up with your friends and tackle all new enemies! Puzzle & Dragons is both an addictive and FREE match-3 puzzle game with classic monster-collecting RPG fun! - INTUITIVE AND ENGAGING Assemble a team of monsters to embark in dunge…

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Key Features: 1. Turn over the panels and explore the dungeons! What’s hiding under the 5x5 panels? Treasures or monsters? Easy and exciting adventure is now on your hand! 2. Sensational pleasure is coming in 5 sec... Speedy panel action battle! Rule is so simple! Draw the “Energy Panels” to evoke the powerful skills! Give huge damage by ch…

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Puzzle & Dragons(龍族拼圖)

◆◇Puzzle & Dragons(龍族拼圖)◆◇ ※本遊戲的語言設定僅對應日文。 【遊戲介紹】 用拼圖來進行壯大的冒險! 「Puzzle & Dragons」是一款玩家與寵物們一同奮戰、並且以拼圖的力量來進行冒險的遊戲。 玩家們將走遍世界各地的地城迷宮,尋覓傳說中的巨龍! 「Puzzle & Dragons」遊戲本身為下載免費! 本遊戲將會提供一部分的付費下載內容 但玩家也能從頭到尾都以免費…

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Princess Punt

Thanks for a breakthrough of 2 million downloads! *Let Princess kick the "soldiers" up high!* Princess Punt, the new genre of game called "Action Puzzle RPG", is now debut! The stage-based format game, the great combineationf of exciting features of puzzle and elements of RPG, is now available for your smartphones and tabl…

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Freak Tower

------------------------------------------------------ For users in Canada only!!! Notice for the service end of Freak Tower in Canada Freak Tower will go out of support on 2013 June 30. If you install Freak Tower before the end date, you can play Freak Tower anytime. ▼The end date of the service. 2013/June/30 *Freak Tower will be not available…

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Download 발차기공주 돌격대 발차기공주 돌격대 icon
발차기공주 돌격대

■발차기공주 돌격대가 Nexus7의 TV CM에 등장!! 발차기공주 돌격대가 즐겁다!! 인기 절정의 발차기공주 돌격대의 세계에 빠져보자!! ====================== 【발차기공주 돌격대】 발차기공주님! ‘돌격 병사’를 발로 차서 우리들의 스트레스를 날려 주세요!! 차고 또 차고, 우리 모두 신나게 빵빵! 신개념 액션 RPG 게임, 발차기공주 돌격대!…

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Download 퍼즐&드래곤즈(Puzzle & Dragons) 퍼즐&드래곤즈(Puzzle & Dragons) icon
퍼즐&드래곤즈(Puzzle & Dragons)

AWARD WINNING #1 JAPANESE PUZZLE RPG! Adventure meets dynamic puzzle gameplay! Explore dungeons with Monsters and Friends! The #1 social puzzle role-playing game from Japan is now available in the US! *Originally released on February 22, 2012 in Japan. - SIMPLE YET ENGROSSING GAMEPLAY Match 3 or more Orbs of the same color to attack your ene…

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Puzzdra Challenge

Be sure to also check out the main Puzzle & Dragons game! Download here ************************************************** ************ Back again in updated form, PuzzChalle is an official Puzzle & Dragons spinoff app! PuzzChalle offers the familiar Puzzle & Dragons gameplay, but with a variety of exclusive mini-games. This versi…

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