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Download Slide Rule Slide Rule icon

Slide Rule

Ever heard of a slipstick? Or, more appropriately, a slide rule?! Wh...

Free | 8.2 294

8.2 Users
Download Christmas Countdown Christmas Countdown icon

Christmas Countdown

Anxious for Christmas to arrive? Miss seeing snow? Looking for a rel...

Free | 7.8 191

7.8 Users
Download DB42 Lite Version DB42 Lite Version icon

DB42 Lite Version

DB42 is a puzzle game featuring a old yet cute droid

Free | 7 135

7 Expert
Download Necro Brainz: Zombie Slots Necro Brainz: Zombie Slots icon

Necro Brainz: Zombie Slots

This Zombie-themed game features a single pay line slot machine with m...

Free | 7.6 61

7.6 Users
Download Dragon Swoopers Dragon Swoopers icon

Dragon Swoopers

In Dragon Swoopers, players take on the role of a dragon and can play...

Free | 7.2 103

7.2 Users
Download Pyromancer's Laboratory Pyromancer's Laboratory icon

Pyromancer's Laboratory

Pyromancer's Laboratory is a simple and casual design game. There...

Free | 7 93

7 Users
Download Toyland Slots Toyland Slots icon

Toyland Slots

Toyland Slots is a toy-themed, pub-slots styled slot machine. See all...

Free | 8.6 11

8.6 Users
Download Sky Ninja Sky Ninja icon

Sky Ninja

Dodge, duck, and zig-zag your way around the UNFRIENDLY skies! Avoid...

Free | 7 33

7 Users
Download DB42 Full (Ad Supported) DB42 Full (Ad Supported) icon

DB42 Full (Ad Supported)

This FULL VERSION contains 100 brain-teasing levels and is supported b...

Free | 7.8 27

7.8 Users
Download MatchCard MatchCard icon


An easy, yet challenging card game. The rules are simple: clear each...

Free | 8.2 14

8.2 Users

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