• Talking Calculator


    Now you can change the colors of the keyboard text (Press and hold the 1 key), keyboard background (Press and hold the 2 key), & screen background (Press and hold the 3 key) to the way you like it. Your color selection will be saved. Choose from over 100 colors, leaving you thousands of...

  • Voice Controlled Calculator




    Remember the Barking Calculator? How about a Speaking calculator? Not only does it speak, you speak to it! The Incredible Talking Calculator. Best voice calculator in the market. Tap the Speak button and say, "2 + 2", or "What is 25 x 28", or "250 - 7 equals", or...

  • X10 Video Status




    See and control your X10 device from anywhere. Fill in the addresses and press and hold the X10 button to save your settings. This app requires you to have a server installed on your computer. The same server as for X10 Voice Commander. Download it on your computer from here for free: If your...

  • X-10 Voice Commander




    The X-10 Voice Commander will control all X10 devices with your voice using any command you wish. Very easy to set up. Once it's set up, it will save your commands. As many commands you wish. Make changes as you wish. Voice Commander will give you a voice response, saying anything you program...

  • Z.A.N.




    Zombie Alert Network. Stay ahead of the zombies. Know where the most recent sightings are. Receive alerts if zombies are close to you and take appropriate action. Links to other zombie reporting websites are included in case of zombie attacks and damages to our reporting server.

  • Barking Calculator




    Other than basic calculations it can: Calculate square feet in a circle. Calculate cubic feet in a circle or square. Calculate how many gallons in your pool. Calculate airflow. Calculate percent removed. Farenheit to Celcius visa versa language = Dog, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian. By...

  • Barking Alarm Clock


    The Barking Alarm Clock will wake you up at the time you choose. You can set up a back up plan if you do not get up. Set the amount of time the alarm barks before the phone calls a friend. (Better be a good friend!) If there's no number entered, the phone will not call. There's a save...

  • Kitty Calc


    A calculator that meows.

  • My Things




    Have a record of all your belongings right at your fingertips. With pictures. Proof for insurance. Serial & model number stored for easy viewing. Convenient info for service on that TV you hate to move. Protection from overwriting. Check the edit box to edit. Or make a weekly list. Change...

  • Trick Calculator




    Trick Calculator can do basic calculations. But! If you ask a friend to type in a secret number, then multiply it by his age or this year, or anything you can think of, then continue calculating as long as you want to play the joke. The end result will be the SECRET NUMBER! You just have to...

  • Calibration Timer




    Handy tool for calibrating feed rates using calibration cylinders. Press and hold reset for instructions. It will track as it times and give you GPD and GPH.

  • Shopping List


    A simple list of things to get or things to do. Enter items on the first screen. When you get to the store, reopen Shopping List and the list will be displayed. When you get the item on the list, touch the item and it is erased from the list

  • Tank Level Monitor


    Tank monitor is a database right at your side, filled with your inputted tank levels. The level will decrease according to the feed rate entered. Get updated tank levels as you need them. Email the tank levels. Update the levels when a tank is filled. Set a Low Level set point for a voice...

  • Nico Ball




    Throw the ball to Nico. He will bring it back to you.

  • Freak em Out


    For fun, you can set the amount of seconds for your selected sound to play. When you press start, your screen will turn black, so your prankee will not know you have a joker app running. Put your phone somewhere and wait for the sound to go off. Some sounds are soft just to make em wonder what...

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