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Cute Cat Flash (flashlight)

why every flashlight graphic design is solemn? is there any cute and gorgeous flashlight app? So we publish want to bite cute cat flashlight app. After Now this cute cat will give out the your direction. meow~=^.^=

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Mind Reading Magic

If you use this application, you can read another person's mind. In this app provide color mind reading. you can know what color they choose. Trick your friend or family. Make fun. you can learn it in 4 minute. so easy. so fun. and it is free.

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easy card trick free magic app

There’s nothing quite like seeing the look on people’s faces when you perform something AMAZING. Then, there’s that cute girl or guy that you’ve been trying to meet. With ezCardTrick, you've got the perfect way to break the ice and get their attention. Imagine . . . You ask her to touch card what she want. Only She can see the screen you can…

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Remotegram makes it simple to connect a remote camera shutter. Use a friend's mobile phone, a tablet, PC, or any other web connected device. Just send a link to the second device - that's it! You'll then have a remote shutter to take the perfect photo, from any distance. Forget WIFI or Bluetooth No need to install the app on both devi…

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ezCardTrick (easy card magic)

If you use this app you can know the card secretly without seeing screen. This app can make you the life of the party! Or ice Breaker~ You don't need skill. You don't need much training time. You don't need much money. It is easy! and interesting~ When you want to make a move a person use this app. You can be magician easil…

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