• Multicon Widget




    No fees, no ads! Save space on your homescreen with this free widget. Use it to clean up or add more applications. It will let you put more then one shortcut in the same space as one icon normally takes up. You can add applications, shortcuts and some special functions. *Important*: To add a...

  • astroCommander




    Save the earth from incoming asteroids and alien attacks. 100 levels with a boss on every 10 of them, and a big final boss. Upgradeable weapons & online hiscores. No fees, no ads! v1.0rc2: Minor changes and support for backup mgr. v1.0rc1: Last boss is here! Compressed the 200 levels to...

  • FlipFlop FULL




    Fun puzzle game to play when you got time over with 100 different patterns to salve. Your objective is to clear the pattern so it's all green, but when you change one box there neighbors also change... Just a few clicks to learn how it works and endless of gameplay after that. Supports all...

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