Hairy Robot

  • SwipeLaunch Disabler




    As of Jelly Bean, it is possible to quick launch an app (Google Now by default) by a swipe up gesture from the navigation bar, this feature can be annoying. This app is developed to "disable" this feature. Actually the feature is not disabled, but instead launches this app that does...

  • AppWererabbit Backup




    AppWererabbit is a set of tools developed to help you manage apps and apk files on your smartphone and tablet. Tools: ★ Backup & Restore (APK) - Backup/Restore apps to/from SD card - Backup Play Store link for protected apps - batch backup - batch restore - Auto backup on install - multiple...

  • aw APK Organizer (Plugin)




    *** IMPORTANT *** - This is not a standalone app, but a plugin module for the free AppWererabbit app. - This plugin replaces the "Backed Up Apps" option in AppWererabbit. APK Organizer helps you to manage the apk files you backed up on your device, you can categorize the backups to...

  • Charging LED




    *** IMPORTANT *** LED will only light up when the screen is off. *** Note *** If you do decide to rate this app, positive or negative, please include your device type and os version, as this would help other users. Thanks. Battery Charging LED is developed and tested for the Galaxy Nexus,...

  • Battery Widget




    Graphical Battery Widget shows the exact battery level in 1x1 space, with shortcuts to Power-Summary/Display/Network/GPS/Wifi/BT Settings and 'Show Desktop' feature to shows your wallpaper/live-wallpaper in full screen. Note: This doesn't open, it is a Widget not an app. Add on...

  • AppWererabbit (PRO) Key




    This is not a standalone app, but a license key for the following apps: ★ AppWererabbit ★ APK Organizer (Plugin) *** IMPORTANT *** - Internet is required to activate key via Google Play services. See FAQ-(PRO key) for more information. - After installing the license...

  • Hangman




    An implementation of the classic hangman game with hint. *Word lists in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish *5 levels of difficulty *2 themes *2 types of hint *2 types of font (include Open Dyslexic) *Smart randomizer *Over 30,000 unique words/phases *Over 25 categories After each...

  • Flippo




    Flippo is a simple puzzle, the object is to flip the tiles until only the central tile is red. There are 511 board combinations (127 unique combinations), can you solve them all, can you match or even beat the high score 268600. To replay a board, click it on the high scores list.

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