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  • HK Minimum Wage Calculator




    Hong Kong Minimum Wage Calculator has been launched on Android platform! This application is referenced from the Formula of Minimum Wage in Hong Kong according to Hong Kong Labour Department. Computations in this calculator programme are based on the following assumptions: 1. the wage period is...

  • MBTI戀愛類型測試




    MBTI (邁爾斯-布里格斯性格分類指標 Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)為全球著名的性格測試之一,在教育界、顧員招聘及培訓、領袖訓練及個 人發展等領域均有廣泛的應用。 此程式針對戀愛類型,能辨別你的天生情人,找到最適合你的戀愛方案...

  • 九型人格測試




    九型人格,是一種性格分類,基本上把人的性格分成九類,與生俱來,不會改變。 本程式將測試你的性格為何,從而了解自己更多!

  • Komica Reader




    Komica Reader is back again! Using Android apps to read Komica.org!! You will want it if you know Komica. E-mail me if you found bugs/suggestions and want more function!

  • Simple liar's dice




    Simple liar's dice can let you play liar's dice every where! This app force bring player to next round after rolled dice, and with no undo or reset function to prevent player cheating. Can be play 5 or 6 dice. Can view previous round. Liar's Dice is known for being a game in pirate...

  • 九型人格測試180題版




    九型人格,是一種性格分類,基本上把人的性格分成九類,與生俱來,不會改變。 本程式將測試你的性格為何,從而了解自己更多!

  • 九型人格測試108題版




    九型人格,是一種性格分類,基本上把人的性格分成九類,與生俱來,不會改變。 本程式將測試你的性格為何,從而了解自己更多!

  • Paint before Capture




    You want to paint before photo capture? Use Paint before Capture! With your creativity, this app can make your photo more fun! With this app, you can: 1. Choose your lovely background color and paint the area that you want to shot. 2. Choose your lovely pen color and paint your art! 3. Choose...

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