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  • Drivers Journal




    Drivers Journal is an all purpose tool for keeping records on your vehicles. Re-fills, costs, travel logs and maintenance schemes. All log entries can be marked as business or private for bookkeeping. Export data in CSV format for import to a spreadsheet application (e.g. Excel) or as HTML...

  • 7.7





    Control your expenses and save some money

  • 7.2

    MoneyWise Pro




    Control your expenses and save some money

  • MoneyWise.eu




    **** PLEASE NOTE: This app is being replaced with the app named "MoneyWise" (without the .eu). New users should download that app instead! **** Using MoneyWise electronic checkbook you can easily keep track of your everyday expenses and keep an eye on your cash flow. No more...

  • Time To Work




    Ever wondered how long you have to work to pay for that new gadget or fancy dinner? With "Time To Work" the answer is at your fingertips. Enter the amount and the app converts it into working hours. Five dollars is not five dollars anymore. It's 15 minutes of work! PRIVACY...

  • How to Win Friends and Influen




    How to Win Friends and Influence People. The wisdom from the famous book by Dale Carnegie. ✔ Dale Carnegie quotes. ✔ List of basic techniques from the book. ✔ Save favourite quotes. ✔ Send quotes by e-mail. Note: This is not the complete book by Dale Carnegie, since it is still copy right...

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