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  • Ultimate Old Testament Quiz

    Ultimate Old Testament Quiz


    Share the wisdom of the Old Testament through the writing that shapes our society today. This app has been written to take you through the old testament and inspire you and give you confidence to learn more about the scriptures. Containing 1,000 questions, this app is the culminations of our...

  • Play Casino Roulette

    Play Casino Roulette


    Winning strategies for the roulette table! Go from grind to high roller with each spin of the roulette wheel. This casino experience teaches you winning strategies, systems and other legitimate ways to gain the edge over the house or get the best odds when you play Roulette! Play Casino...

  • Ultimate Soccer Quiz

    Ultimate Soccer Quiz




    Ultimate Soccer Quiz Take the challenge and test your world soccer knowledge Do you think you're a football expert? Do you know Pele from Pallister or Zico from Zidane? Test your Soccer knowledge with questions from around the world. Featuring 1,500 worldwide soccer questions, ranging...

  • Ultimate Parables Quiz

    Ultimate Parables Quiz




    Everything you ever wanted to know about the Parables of Jesus Christ encapsulated in one thousand well thought out, well executed multiple choice questions with video and wikis. The importance of the Parables can hardly be overestimated. They comprise a substantial part of the recorded...

  • Ultimate Fashion Quiz

    Ultimate Fashion Quiz




    If you're a fashionista that's afraid of failure, don't bother with this quiz as its way our of your league. The fashion quiz follows and tests the readers’ knowledge of the world of fashion by asking questions, showing videos and highlighting references in the following...

  • Ultimate Guitar Legends Quiz

    Ultimate Guitar Legends Quiz


    In the history of Rock & Roll, no one instrument has been as important in defining the sound as the guitar. From the Delta blues guitarists like Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker, and BB King , to the stable of British Guitar Heroes such as Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Jeff Beck, Eric...

  • Ultimate Easter Quiz

    Ultimate Easter Quiz


    Test your knowledge of all things festive with this fun interactive quiz experience. Question topics include Easter movies, stories, songs and popular music, interesting festive facts, food and drink and Easter traditions from around the world. Featuring 500 questions, this fun and educational...

  • Ace Roller BlackJack Lite

    Ace Roller BlackJack Lite


    Ace Roller Blackjack Lite is a fully playable Blackjack game with a difference. It includes a wide range of different rule settings and useful training tools to help you hone your blackjack knowledge. Strategy tables help teach you the best techniques and are tailored to the exact game rules you...

  • Play Texas Hold'm (mobile ed)

    Play Texas Hold'm (mobile ed)




    Casino Play Texas Hold'em Texas Hold'em is the world's favourite card game - easy to get into but difficult to master. Discover how to play like a pro with this addictive and fun-filled Poker game. Learn and understand hand 'match ups' and the probabilities of winning those...

  • Ultimate Roman Quiz Lite

    Ultimate Roman Quiz Lite




    Nearly 3,000 years ago a small tribe established a settlement in an obscure part of Italy on 7 hills by a river. This small tribe rose to become one of the greatest powers the world has ever known, establishing a rule which would become synonymous with the term 'Empire'. Our enduring...

  • Ultimate Space Quiz

    Ultimate Space Quiz


    The perfect way to learn about the night sky, naming constellations, planets and more. Test your knowledge of all things Astronomy with the Ultimate Space Quiz. Featuring 1,000 questions, Videos and wikis spanning a history of the universe, the stars and the Big Bang from downright easy to...

  • Pub Fun Jackpot lite

    Pub Fun Jackpot lite




    The Original Vegas Jackpot, a slot machine simulation which gives the atmosphere of dazzling lights and sounds of a Vegas casino. Aim high to maximize your payouts or bet small to save your money in anticipation of the next wave of winnings! Either way this game will hand hold you and teach you...

  • Ultimate Soccer Managers Quiz

    Ultimate Soccer Managers Quiz




    A Football Management game with everything you've been asking for! Transfers, training, cup competitions and more... This is another fine footie app from the guys at Handyx, crammed full with info about stuff that you might have wondered about but never got round to finding out with videos...

  • Christmas Invaders Lite

    Christmas Invaders Lite




    Everything you ever wanted in a Free 2 Play Arcade game: Action, Explosions, Christmas, Santa and a very white Christmas. Play it all year round in the sun, on the beach. Fun is not just for Christmas.

  • Christmas Invaders

    Christmas Invaders


    Fear Strikes the City as it is engulfed with snow, making it impossible for Santa Clause to deliver his toys - it’s your job to make Christmas happen !!! Defend your city from the invading snow aliens in this classic arcade game! Using the intuitive touch-screen controls, your task is to take...

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