Happy Bonbon Studios

  • Dinky Racer – Car Racing Game




    Relive your childhood with Dinky Racer! A fun, easy and addictive car racing game where you drive your dinky car through endless highway traffic by simply tapping in the direction you want the car to move. Avoid crashing into other cars, buses and trucks and post your high score to share with...

  • Space War Avengers




    A highly dynamic fast paced shooter with many aliens to kill, ships to unlock and planets to fight on! Inspired by single player shoot’em up from the arcade console days of the 80s and 90s. ====Game features==== No Ads No in-app purchases Multiple stages Different types of enemy units Difficulty...

  • Doctors Hospital Story




    From the makers of top Dentist’s office apps comes Doctor’s Hospital Story. Join us in the friendly doctor’s clinic for some fun and exciting treatments for kids. Face the fear of going to the doctor’s or dentist’s clinic! This funny, little and super cool doctor story game on the play store...

  • Jelly Candy Maker




    Learn how simple it is to make Jelly! Prepare some real yummy treat in this cooking and making app for kids! Make the most gelatinous, the sweetest jellies. Designed specifically as a cooking game for kids * FEATURES =============== -Beautiful Backgrounds -Delightful Flavors- including...

  • Dog Pet Wash




    100% free- NO IN-APP purchases Join us to clean adorable little dog puppies! Welcome to Dog Pet Wash. Featuring 3 cute puppies that you will fall in love with. Start by washing them with shampoo bubble bath. Use a shower to clean out all the dirt and bugs and ticks stuck in that fur. Dry the wet...

  • Cat Pet Wash




    100% free- NO IN-APP purchases Grab your shampoo, sponge and brush. It’s time to clean your adorable little pet kitten. Welcome to Cat Pet Wash- the app that allows you to clean 3 cute cuddly cat babies. Clean up your darling kittens by washing with soap and shampoo. Rinse with water and dry the...

  • Cotton Candy Maker




    *** 100% FREE APP NO LOCKED ITEMS OR IN-APP PURCHASES! Become a master of making cotton candies – with Cotton Candy Maker, the ultimate cotton candy making experience! The delectable, delicious, yummy ,tasty FAIR FOOD we all love is here. Enjoy making your favorite CARNIVAL FOOD in COTTON...

  • Cake Pops Maker




    Welcome to the magical dream bakery where you are about to make Cake Pops! These delicious items are the yummy and tasty and are loved by little boys and girls all over the world. This crazy and real cooking experience of Cake pops will bring fun for little kids. Experience being a chef in this...

  • Candy Tic Tac Toe




    Get ready to play candy tic Tac Toe on your Android device for free. The all time beloved Candy tic Tac Toe is the same classic candy tic Tac Toe we have grown to love as kids. Now play candy tic Tac Toe on your Android phone. There is no need to find a pen and/or waste paper! Play for free....

  • Happy Little Dentist




    *** 100% FREE APP NO LOCKED ITEMS OR IN-APP PURCHASES! Its time to be a dentist. Happy Little Dentist takes you through a story of fighting bacteria, removing plaque and tar and a lot more for 4 different characters. Perform different dental treatments on each of your patient just like a real...

  • Charlie's Garage Car Maker




    Welcome to Charlies Garage, where you are the Car Maker! Your car garage is your very own mini car factory. Wash,clean and scrub your lovely Car in Charlies Garage-Car Maker app for Android. Allows cool customizing of various parts of your car.Suitable for kids and adults alike to kill time....

  • Pet Vet Doctor 2




    It’s time to return to the clinic of Pet Vet Doctor! This time the app brings all you rabbit and hamster lovers a vet doctor experience. Return to the world where we previously saved our puppy dog and little kitten from many diseases and injury. Welcome to the world of these two cute baby pets...

  • Wild Jungle Doctor




    Kids! Animals of the jungle need your help! We have so many injured animals trapped by a hunter: -Snake -Panther -Lemur -Monkey They have a bump on their heads, so many bleeding cuts and bruises and insects biting their body. This requires a real doctors intervention! Help these poor animals...

  • Scary Nail Salon




    100% free-app. No in-app purchases. Join us in Zombies Monster Nail Salon, where we give beautiful nail decorations to cute little adorable yet scary zombies and monsters. Choose from 4 characters as you take their ugly and wretched hands and turn them nice and pretty by painting and decorating...

  • Little Nose Doctor




    Make the nose pain go away! Whether you have a cold and flu, a blocked nose, clogged nose or runny nose...or lots of icky hair in there! Join us in this app to fix it all. Be the SUPER NOSE DOCTOR today in this fun crazy game app! Its time to do the magic doctor and fix your little patients....

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