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  • Family Dentist Story

    Family Dentist Story




    *** 100% FREE APP NO LOCKED ITEMS OR IN-APP PURCHASES! Happy BonBon Studios' latest fun tricky teeth game is simple and easy. Inspect and check teeth of the four family member- Mama, Papa, Justin and Selena- and then fix them. Now you are the dentist and you decide how to give treatment...

  • Happy Little Dentist

    Happy Little Dentist




    *** 100% FREE APP NO LOCKED ITEMS OR IN-APP PURCHASES! Its time to be a dentist. Happy Little Dentist takes you through a story of fighting bacteria, removing plaque and tar and a lot more for 4 different characters. Perform different dental treatments on each of your patient just like a real...

  • Candy Tic Tac Toe

    Candy Tic Tac Toe




    Get ready to play candy tic Tac Toe on your Android device for free. The all time beloved Candy tic Tac Toe is the same classic candy tic Tac Toe we have grown to love as kids. Now play candy tic Tac Toe on your Android phone. There is no need to find a pen and/or waste paper! Play for free....

  • Animal Dentist Office

    Animal Dentist Office




    *** 100% FREE APP -NO LOCKED ITEMS OR IN-APP PURCHASES! A dentist is doctor for your teeth kids! So lets visit the special animal DENTIST office & treat animal patients going crazy with pain, and learn how to be a Good Dentist in the best fun way. Experience every scene in the Animal Dental...

  • Charlie's Garage 2

    Charlie's Garage 2




    Welcome to Charlie's Garage 2. A small and simple kids game for children aged 7 and below with no hidden in-app purchases. Everyone in town wants to get their car fixed. And they know Charlie is the best car mechanic in town. Help Charlie deal with the extraordinary holiday season rush....

  • Charlie's Garage Car Maker

    Charlie's Garage Car Maker




    Welcome to Charlies Garage, where you are the Car Maker! Your car garage is your very own mini car factory. Wash,clean and scrub your lovely Car in Charlies Garage-Car Maker app for Android. Allows cool customizing of various parts of your car.Suitable for kids and adults alike to kill time....

  • Trauma Center Hospital

    Trauma Center Hospital




    Ever wanted to be the best super star surgeon of your town but couldn’t be one because you are just kids? Well here’s your chance kids, as Trauma Center Hospital is a plastic surgery game which makes that baby dream of yours come to life by making you the clumsy doctor you always wanted to be...

  • Pet Vet Doctor

    Pet Vet Doctor




    Welcome to the world of these two cute baby pets that are sick and injured. Help cure these baby pets with the help of our lovable vet doctor . Featuring Alex the cute puppy and Furball the adorable lovely kitten. This app for kids allows you to show off your veterinarian skills on the cutest...

  • Pet Vet Doctor 2

    Pet Vet Doctor 2




    It’s time to return to the clinic of Pet Vet Doctor! This time the app brings all you rabbit and hamster lovers a vet doctor experience. Return to the world where we previously saved our puppy dog and little kitten from many diseases and injury. Welcome to the world of these two cute baby pets...

  • Cake Pops Maker

    Cake Pops Maker




    Welcome to the magical dream bakery where you are about to make Cake Pops! These delicious items are the yummy and tasty and are loved by little boys and girls all over the world. This crazy and real cooking experience of Cake pops will bring fun for little kids. Experience being a chef in this...

  • Zombie Throat Doctor Clinic

    Zombie Throat Doctor Clinic




    Become the ultimate throat doctor and cure poor little monsters and zombies suffering from throat problems. There is nothing you cannot fix, you are going to get the biggest rush of throat patients as their Halloween season approaches. Start with the general checkup and make the patient say...

  • Little Throat Doctor

    Little Throat Doctor




    In this fun kids game you get to be a throat doctor. After letting you be a eye doctor, nose doctor and a dentist in our previous apps. It is now time to be a throat doctor at his hospital clinic. Perform throat examinations and use the appropriate tools and medications to cure the throats of...

  • Animal Throat Doctor Clinic

    Animal Throat Doctor Clinic




    This is a happy animal farm game with different kinds of lovely animals. But those animals are so cute that usually get themselves bad throats. A doctor is needed in this farm to look after those animals. Let’s be a kind doctor to help those cute animals regain health! After the huge success of...

  • Tattoo Makers Salon

    Tattoo Makers Salon




    Tattoo Maker Salon free app is here! Time to make a fashion statement with hot tattoo designs.Inspired by tattoo designs of the top star artists in Hollywood. Become the tattoos tycoon in Tattoo Maker app. Layout some cool and funky tattoos. Go for the designs Tattoos that make you look like...

  • Little Zombie Dentist

    Little Zombie Dentist




    *** 100% FREE APP NO LOCKED ITEMS OR IN-APP PURCHASES! Little Zombie Dentist is here! Hey little Dentist it’s time to treat some monsters Zombies in our brand new app: Zombie Dentist. Without causing any pain our lovable zombie monsters! Become a virtual dentist to the Zombies! Re-live the...

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