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    Download Roses Live Wallpaper Roses Live Wallpaper icon
    Roses Live Wallpaper

    Is there anything more beautiful than a “red rose” in a garden? Whenever you tap on the screen, new red flowers appear! With ♥”Roses Live Wallpaper”♥ you can have your perfect garden with you all the time! Get the app now and enjoy the simple beauty of a single flower pinning on your screen. If you want more, just keep pressing the screen, and you…

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    Download Ocean Fish Live Wallpaper Ocean Fish Live Wallpaper icon
    Ocean Fish Live Wallpaper

    If you like to watch beautiful little fish swimming in the aquarium? We have something better! ♥”Ocean Fish Live Wallpaper”♥ comprises various types of colorful fish floating in deep blue water. Download this beautiful and calming live background and relax your eyes watching goldfish and other species moving gently across the blue water any time yo…

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    Download Puppy Live Wallpaper Puppy Live Wallpaper icon
    Puppy Live Wallpaper

    Cute doggies on your desktop! Get ♥”Puppy Live Wallpaper”♥ and beautify your phone with amazing HD images of these adorable animals! Whenever you tap on the screen, new lovely dogs appear! It is a wonderful app for everyone who wants a puppy in their life but cannot keep it. Dog lovers, you will adore this app – choose your favorite puppy images an…

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    Download Diamond Live Wallpaper Diamond Live Wallpaper icon
    Diamond Live Wallpaper

    Diamonds are really a girl’s best friend, but there is also something for you men. Download ♥”Diamond Live Wallpaper”♥ and glam up your phone! Whenever you tap on the screen, new precious gemstones appear. Be the diva and put these diamond images on your desktop! You will definitely be astounded – five amazing backgrounds will certainly leave you w…

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    Download Sunrise Live Wallpaper Sunrise Live Wallpaper icon
    Sunrise Live Wallpaper

    The Sun is up! Download ♥”Sunrise Live Wallpaper”♥ and start your day with beautiful sunshine and sunlight on your desktop! Whenever you tap on the screen, new suns appear! It is always good to begin your daily routine with lovely weather outside! Why don’t you bring it inside as well – decorate your phone with beautiful sunrise images and make you…

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    Download Smiley Live Wallpaper Smiley Live Wallpaper icon
    Smiley Live Wallpaper

    Smile – it makes people wonder what you are up to! With ♥”Smiley Live Wallpaper”♥ you can take your grin everywhere! Whenever you tap on the screen, new smiling faces appear! Have a wonderful day – everyday! Choose your favorite happy wallpaper and embellish it with spinning “smiley faces”! A smiley is a best piece of jewelry that you can wear! Dec…

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    Download Butterfly Live Wallpaper Butterfly Live Wallpaper icon
    Butterfly Live Wallpaper

    Let your phone be as beautiful and delicate as a butterfly! Embellish your phone screen with ♥”Butterfly Live Wallpaper”♥ and be an embodiment of grace itself! This lovely wallpaper offers several backgrounds with stylized flowers and colorful butterflies! Be a true lady, get these butterfly images for free and be as gentle as this winged beauty! S…

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    Download Bubble Live Wallpaper Bubble Live Wallpaper icon
    Bubble Live Wallpaper

    Try to bubble up and download ♥”Bubble Live Wallpaper”♥ and spend hours of fun playing with addicting air and water balloons! Whenever you tap on the screen, new bubbles appear! Spend some quality time playing with this fun app! Tap until you fingers start to hurt! You will love it! It is a real stress reliever, a perfect way to get rid of all the…

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    Download Music DJ Live Wallpaper Music DJ Live Wallpaper icon
    Music DJ Live Wallpaper

    You like listening to music mixes? If you do, you should definitely decorate your phone screen with ♥”Music DJ Live Wallpaper”♥! It doesn't matter if you prefer house, techno or electronic - you'll simply enjoy using this musical live background while listening to your favorite remix! Get this amazing app and you will certainly enjoy the mu…

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