Happy live wallpapers

  • Highway & Road Live Wallpaper




    Highway & Road Live Wallpaper Respect the traffic signs and circle the globe with your new free LWP! Enjoy watching wonderful views of the roadways through empty deserts, across rivers, and over mountains! Enjoy endless roads and highways with Highway & Road Live Wallpaper! - Amazing...

  • Green Leaves Live Wallpaper




    Green leaves floating in the gentle wind all over your phone screen! Get 'Green Leaves Live Wallpaper' and relax your eyes watching foliage of different shapes moving in amazing nature backgrounds! Give your phone a new and refreshing look with this free live background filled with all...

  • Toy Cars Live Wallpaper




    "Hot wheels" for your phone screen! 'Toy Cars 3D Live Wallpaper' is the perfect background for all car fans! It doesn't matter if you are a kid or an adult - these amazing little toys floating in different backgrounds will really make your day! Various toy car models are...

  • Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper




    Do you want to enjoy holiday magic, but are too lazy to set up your own decorations? Decorate your phone with Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper! Whenever you tap on the screen, new firs appear! Try them all – nine beautiful floating images and five lovely HD backgrounds are at your disposal! No...

  • Christmas Gifts Live Wallpaper




    ‘A gift in the hand is worth two in the bush.’ Imagine having nine presents at the tip of your fingers. Whenever you tap on the screen, new colorful presents appear! Download Christmas Gifts Live Wallpaper and experience holiday magic right now! Be your own Santa Claus and share this beautiful...

  • Stars Live Wallpaper




    With 'Stars Live Wallpaper' you'll have a lively animated background filled with cute little stars in various colors. The cute images will provide you with pleasure and brightness during the gloomy days, so don't waste your time - download 'Stars Live Wallpaper' and...

  • Funny Hats Live Wallpaper




    Need a little fun in your life? Try Funny Hats Live Wallpaper - whenever you tap on the screen, new pieces of hilarious head wear appear! It is a great application which lets you customize your desktop with comical HD wallpapers. Try all of them – no matter how you feel, whenever you look at the...

  • New Year Live Wallpaper




    Holiday season has begun! Decorate your phone with New Year Live Wallpaper! Whenever you tap on the screen, new festive objects appear! Give your phone a make over, prepare it for the celebration! Download the app now and choose from five jolly backgrounds and nine floating decoration. Make a...

  • Funny Cat Live Wallpaper




    Crazy cat pictures all over your phone screen will make your day so much joyful! 'Funny Cat Live Wallpaper' is a perfect mixture of cute and funny kittens floating in backgrounds of different designs! Their smiling faces and interesting backgrounds will always keep you in a good mood! Why...

  • Kitty Cat Live Wallpaper




    Adorable kittens smiling and floating all over your screen! 'Kitty Cat Live Wallpaper' is the cutest decoration for your phone filled with funny kittens whose happy and smiling faces will brighten your day! Download 'Kitty Cat Live Wallpaper' and you'll have the cutest live...

  • Rainbow Live Wallpaper




    Stunning Rainbow Live Wallpaper will bring you lots of joy and brightness during the gloomy rainy days. This is a lovely background for your phone featuring different rainbow pictures with a wide spectrum of colors. Cute red hearts and sunshine add a magical effect to it! Therefore, don't...

  • Dragon Live Wallpaper




    Cute cartoon monsters on your desktop! Download Dragon Live Wallpaper and customize your phone with lovely background of adorable fictional beings! Whenever you tap on the screen, new lovely creatures appear. You will not be able to resist the sight of a smiling dragon on your screen! Choose your...

  • Candle Live Wallpaper




    Are you a romantic person? Then Candle Live Wallpaper is the right app for you! Whenever you tap on the screen, new flickering lights appear! It is a perfect app for all those who want to relax and settle down the atmosphere. Enchanting flames will calm you down and make you enjoy every moment of...

  • Moonlight Live Wallpaper




    Zzzzzz… Fall asleep and have sweet dreams with Moonlight Live Wallpaper! Whenever you tap on the screen, new moons appear! Choose from five astral backgrounds and enter the world of dreams! Let the “bright moon” shine over you while you sleep and let you dream about wonderful things. It is a...

  • Hats Live Wallpaper




    'Live your life, do your work, then take your hat.' A cool new app, Hats Live Wallpaper, lets you stylize your mobile phone or tablet and feel like a true gentleman or lady wherever you go! Feel like a liege, be like a lord, look fabulous and sophisticated - download this app and...

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