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    Download Dinosaur Puzzle Dinosaur Puzzle icon
    Dinosaur Puzzle

    Play "Puzzle screen" and "Dig up screen"! "Puzzle screen"  Restoration work Put the collected fossil panels in order correctly. "Dig up screen" Dig up and collect Break rock panels by Tap. Discover all fossil panels and take them to the Puzzle screen. Challenge the hard level ! Two type of fossils are m…

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    Download Mahjong Solitaire-Tiddly Games Mahjong Solitaire-Tiddly Games icon
    Mahjong Solitaire-Tiddly Games

    It's a stylish table game. Being simple yet deep, everyone from beginners to table game experts can enjoy it. Have a nice Mahjong Solitaire time! The fourth in the Tiddly Table game "Tiddly Games" series.

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    Download Touch !Osyaberi-zukan Touch !Osyaberi-zukan icon
    Touch !Osyaberi-zukan

    Let's learn Japanese language by Touching. ・Education games ・Bilingual (Japanese/English) ・Updating new pages (in-app purchase)

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    Download Sheep Capture Sheep Capture icon
    Sheep Capture

    How many you can capture the sheep in 30 min! Try to sort regular sheep or others.

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    Download Area Maze Puzzle Area Maze Puzzle icon
    Area Maze Puzzle

    A brand new logical puzzle app that has been created by specialist mathematics. This is a brand new logical puzzle app that has been created by Japanese puzzle designers in collaboration with specialist mathematics and science schools. It has been designed to increase your imagination and thinking abilities to the max! This puzzle features a maz…

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    Download Tote Baby Rattle Lite Tote Baby Rattle Lite icon
    Tote Baby Rattle Lite

    Tote Baby Rattle is a digital toy for babies and adults can enjoy. Let's touch the objects in the rattle and tilt the screen ! You and babies will be able to enjoy a variety of sounds. The appli has contained 5 motifs! ・Naughty-Wheels ・Rainbow-Ladybirds ・Deep-Fishes ・Busy-Bees ・Cool-Penguins

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    Download Lovely Sheep Lovely Sheep icon
    Lovely Sheep

    Get sheep on smartphones now! Sheep love your smartphone... Catch sheep gathering in the pastures! - A casual, light game in which you gather sheep. You place feed in the pasture and catch sheep. You can play while watching TV, commuting to school or work or whenever you have time. Different kinds of sheep will appear depending on the type of fe…

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    Download Funkey Monkey Bars Funkey Monkey Bars icon
    Funkey Monkey Bars

    It’s a super simple action game! If you fall from the monkey bars, you definitely say “Oops!” Let's try it! - Easy to play! The app can control by your 1 finger!

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    Download KidsLock Painter KidsLock Painter icon
    KidsLock Painter

    An amazing drawing apps. Use your creativity and "stump pen" to create amazing drawings. "Coloring" mode will have very fun way for toddler to learn English Alphabets. *The pics which you can choose has restriction in the Trial Version. What's the "stump pen"? If it touches, it can be used like a stamp. Users G…

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    Download The Brazil The Brazil icon
    The Brazil

    This is very simple action game! Brazil is antipodal to Japan. You dig a hole to go to Brazil to Japan! You can know the whole world! The game have many information about 226 countries and place. Let's try to get all countries.

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