• HPB Mortgage Loan Calculator




    HPB Mortgage Calculator is a financial calculator specifically designed for mortgage loans. Based on the user inputs, the app calculates mortgage amount, interest rate, amortization period and scheduled payment. The app also can do a simple return-on-investment calculation taking into account...

  • HPB Auto Finance App




    HPB Auto Finance App is a financial calculator that combines car expenses and loan payments to provide a more holistic view of how much you spend on your car. This app would be especially useful when you compare various vehicles or financing options for a purchase decision. Key Features: 1....

  • Peach's Car Loan Calculator AD




    Peach's Car Loan Calculator is specifically designed for automobile financing to make your car shopping easier. - Calculates monthly, bi-weekly or weekly payment. - Produces a full-amortization table. - Save/Edit multiple scenarios. This would be extremely useful for shopping multiple models...

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