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  • Refueling database




    Refueling database is a simple app for keeping records of the refuelings for all your vehicles. Its main purpose is to calculate actual and overall average fuel consumption. For USA, Canada and Austria: Find cheapest gas stations near you and save money! (uses myGasFeed for USA and Canada)...

  • Sun, moon and planets




    For sun, moon and planets you can calculate things like ★ Position (azimuthal and elevation angle) ★ Distance to earth ★ Rise and set ★ Daylight ★ Moon phase ★ Eclipses Graphical displays of ★ Current lunar phase ★ Objects now above the horizon ★ Solar system (Current position of planets and...

  • Password Safe




    Having trouble to remeber all your passwords, usernames, accounts, account numbers, customer ids, security codes, identifiers, pins? Password Safe can be used to store all your passwords, user names, accounts etc. All you need to know to have access is one master password. Your data is stored...

  • Lisa's equation solver




    Small tool to solve: - Quadratic equations - Cubic equations - Biquadratic equations - Quartic equations - Systems of 2 to 5 linear equations

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