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  • Scuba Diving Dangers

    Scuba Diving Dangers




    Every year over 100 people die in scuba diving accidents. Many 1000's more are injured, stung, bitten or infected. Scuba Diving is one of the most exhilarating and rewarding activities. But be a wise diver. Know your stuff. Easy look-up picture reference covering the most common dangers...

  • Spiritual Sex Class

    Spiritual Sex Class




    Your ultimate guide to getting creative in the bedroom. Join Spiritual Sex Class to learn about various techniques relating to all the different types of sex. Learn how to control your sexual performance and find out how you can enhance your sex life. Spiritual Sex Class includes a range of...

  • Cloud Spotter

    Cloud Spotter




    A quick reference guide to all the world's different types of cloud. From Fractus to Funnel, Shelf to Stratocumulus, Cirrus to Cirrostratus. With this app you will be able to accurately identify clouds and predict weather patterns. Learn which types of clouds precede thunderstorms,...

  • Sleep Help

    Sleep Help


    Difficulties sleeping? Book an appointment with the Sleep Doctor! Everyone needs a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, if you are one of the many people who suffer from a sleeping disorder this is not always the case. An easy to read quick reference guide that will help you to get a better...

  • Phobias



    A Visual Encyclopaedia of Phobias. This Guide to Fear details a large number of phobias from the common to the downright bizarre. Learn the medical name and look-up offline descriptions. Want to know more? Browse the best information from specialist websites and wikipedia. Find out lots of...

  • How To Lie (Lie Detector)

    How To Lie (Lie Detector)




    When people lie their body screams out clues to their deception. You might want to be able to lie and get away with it. Or maybe you want to catch somebody out who is lying to you? From beating a polygraph, catching a cheat or ensnaring a thief… this app will empower you. Written by a body...

  • Skin Disorders

    Skin Disorders




    The most revolting skin conditions… Gross out your friends or research a particular disease using this offline medical reference app. The images might be pretty stomach wrenching, but this app could help you, your friends or family to be diagnosed early. We have catalogued the most common...

  • Animal Sex

    Animal Sex




    Learn how all animals weird and wonderful reproduce. Ever considered how butterflies mate, how penguins make love or how snails reproduce? Animal Sex informs and educates. Read all sorts of interesting facts about the amazing animal kingdom. All sorts of creatures included from frogs to birds,...

  • Architecture (Pocket Guide)

    Architecture (Pocket Guide)




    Learn how to read buildings! Identify features, elements and characteristics of buildings that give clues as to their history, design and purpose. Understand the function of the masonry, arches, vaults, columns, domes, spires, stairs, spaces, windows, roofs and structures before you. An offline...

  • B*nksy Style

    B*nksy Style




    The 21st Century's most iconic Street Art. Satirical. Subversive. All too often... Scrubbed. Now offline in your pocket Banksy's works are icons of the modern age. From the streets of London to the walls of the West Bank. The Kissing Policemen, One Nation Under CCTV, Raising the...

  • Beat Depression (Smart Guide)

    Beat Depression (Smart Guide)


    Depression affects most people at some stage of their lives. You, yourself, might be depressed. Or someone close to you might be suffering. This app will help demystify the problems. Offering practical solutions, sound advice and clear information - get a helping hand with beating depression....

  • Bread



    Comprehensive bread baking directory containing many different bread ideas. Learn how to prepare yeast and knead dough so that your breads come out of the oven bakery-perfect every time. Ingredients and techniques along with helpful tips and suggestions to improve your baking are included. Bread...

  • Economics (Smart Guide)

    Economics (Smart Guide)




    A comprehensive quick reference guide to fundamental principles, features and terms. For Economics students & all those with an active interest in Business, Finance, Investments or the Economy. Absolute Advantage, Amortisation, Asset-Backed Security, Basis Point, Bond, Bull Market, Base...

  • Foot Fetish

    Foot Fetish




    Indulge your foot fetish with sexy images of gorgeous and beautiful feet. A foot for every foot lover! Feet and toes, sophisticated and fun, athletic and elegant, cute and colorful, long and lean, little and light. A foot for every occasion. Browse through endless provocative, cheeky, gorgeous...

  • Hot Tattoo Girls

    Hot Tattoo Girls




    A large selection of the hottest, bravest and most beautiful tattoos... on Girls. If you are in to tats you will love this app. The perfect place to find inspiration for your next tattoo. Most of the artwork is beautifully done... though you have to wonder what was going through some...

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