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Instacap – An amazing way to shoot your world. It's fast, free and...

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Tamil SMS

This app allows you to send and receive SMS's in real time with na...

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Marathi Word List

Tired of manually adding all your native Marathi words in the Android...

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GRE WordMaster

Prepare for your GRE the right way, without downloading a bunch of app...

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This is a personal assistant that calls, finds out the weather reminds...

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This is a nifty little application that will overlay a frame over your...

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Truth Finder

Have you ever dreamt of finding out the truth about your friend? Just...

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Status Blaster

Do you want to push status updates to Facebook? Are you sick of waitin...

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PHP in 20

Learn PHP with examples in about 20 minutes - guaranteed with original...

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Circulographer is a simple way to capture and share the world's mo...

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Sensor Aggregator

This app will aggregate and log all your sensor data to CSV files and...

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