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Instacap – An amazing way to shoot your world. It's fast, free and fun! 

It's faster than Instagram and doesn't make your crop your photos! Pick from one of several mesmerizing filtered effects to transform your boring photos. Transform rare moments into works of art that you'll want to share with friends and family everywhere! S…

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Download Tamil Keyboard for (Tamil SMS) Tamil Keyboard for (Tamil SMS) icon
Tamil Keyboard for (Tamil SMS)

/************************************* IMPORTANT: THIS INPUT METHOD WORKS ONLY WITH TAMIL SMS APP AVAILABLE ON ANDROID MARKET AND NOT WITH ANY OTHER *************************************/ This is an add on for the Tamil SMS Application which allows you to SMS in marathi language! Download the other app here: http://bit.ly/HwzWQg http://market.an…

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Marathi Word List

Tired of manually adding all your native Marathi words in the Android dictionary? Just install this app and increase productivity by typing english equivalents of Marathi Words! Most of the common words along with swear words are included! If you like it do remember to rate and comment!

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GRE WordMaster

Prepare for your GRE the right way, without downloading a bunch of apps that do nothing and look bad. THE ONLY APP ON THE MARKET WITH SENTENCE EQUIVALENCE QUESTIONS The simplest GRE Vocabulary flash card app known to anyone. Comes with adaptive testing for prominent word lists from various GRE books Contains over 3500 words with sample sentences!…

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This is a nifty little application that will overlay a frame over your camera image and store it on your SD Card. Still under Beta. Please Rate. IMPORTANT: ** Photos stored on SD Card under SnapMe folder ** Touch the screen to take a picture. More frames coming in recent releases. DISCLAIMER : Content is external and logos/trademarks mentioned b…

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PHP in 20

Learn PHP with examples in about 20 minutes - guaranteed with original material and code examples. Learn it while going to college or coming home from work! Its super simple to understand and super easy to read. Simple language, easy to read text! Try it now and become a PHP Master!

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Sensor Aggregator

This app will aggregate and log all your sensor data to CSV files and show you real time with graphs!The sensors if enabled are shown as follows:

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University Recommender (Engg)

Applying for Engineering Grad School in the United States? Don't know where you will get in or where to apply? We can help you apply! Just tell us your scores and we can tell you what your chances are. We have data for top 50+ universities in the US. Our algorithms will calculate a unique acceptance score just for you based on your background.…

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