• No Touch




    Prevent accidental touches on your screen. Useful when watching movies, passing the phone around, reading, etc. Block: Screen Screen and Keys Block / Unblock: Camera Button App Shortcut Press Long Search Quick Unblock: Proximity Sensor Discussion Thread:...

  • OnLive Helper




    *This app is no longer necessary to play OnLive with the Xperia Play controls.* *This app is no longer under development, I will leave it on the market since it can be useful for other purposes.* Please uninstall and reinstall if the app stopped working This app will technically work with any...

  • ON2TV




    This is a small application that will make it so that when you turn on your TV it will go straight to Live TV. *THIS APP IS 100% FREE, NO ADS!* So if you were watching Netflix or browsing the web last night and you turned off your TV without going back to Live TV, this app will start Live TV...

  • Screen Tools 2




    Screen Tools 2 is an application which allows you to control the behavior of your screen. Features Include: *Instantly Turn Off Your Phone (just like the power button) with: **A Home Shortcut **The Camera Button **By Closing Your Keyboard **By Long Pressing the Search Key. *Bypass the lock...

  • Change Shoulder Buttons (PLAY)




    This app is now free! You can support by buying "Disable Auto Brightness" instead. To all those who bought, THANKS! This app should work on more Xperia Play devices. If it does not, please email me. (Special thanks to Logseman) This app is still not compatible with some Xperia Play...

  • Hardware Disabler




    Misbehaving Hardware? DISABLE IT! This app will scan your system for drivers and allow you to disable any driver that it finds! Usage: 1. Root required. 2. Start App. 3. Check the driver you want to disable. Note: It's up to the user to figure out what driver corresponds to their...

  • Disable Auto Brightness Xperia




    This app should work with most Xperia Devices. This app will allow you to disable the auto brightness feature of Xperia phones. Profits: 50% of profits made from this app will go to deserving members of the XDA forums. Usage: 1. Requires Root. 2. After installing app, a shortcut called...

  • Simple Web Connection (demo)




    Simple Web Connection is an application which retrieves text from a specified website. It's really pretty useless, it's like a web browser in DOS or something. Enjoy!

  • Home Peek




    Home Peek is an application which allows you to "peek" at your home screen without unlocking your phone. This application is no longer in development. Search Screen Tools 1 or Screen Tools 2 for this and other features.

  • Screen Tools 1




    Control your touchscreen, don't let it control you! - Lock and Unlock with based on keyboard. - Auto unlock. - Home Peek - Disable touch screen with camera button or search long press. KW: lock, nolock, unlock, home peek, screen guard, instant off, no lock, applesauce Android 2.2 and above...

  • TimeSheet




    Open App -> Press Button -> Saves Date & Time to file in your SD card (under hEasyTimeSheet/yyyy_MM.csv) Open .csv with any other spreadsheet or text app or click on text under recent activity to edit within app. v 1.2.1 * Fixed Scrolling Issue that affected Froyo * Renamed App...

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