• Car Racing Plus




    Control your car to attain the goal !! It's a simple and nostalgic racing game using acceleration sensor function of smartphone. Lean the screen from side to side to avoid coming car. Lean the screen up and down to adjust the speed. Story mode is a mode to target completion of all 8...





    It's the second product of WAE GOMOKU series. In this game, gobang can be played on a cubic board. When the board is occupied, the cube rotates at random. So, players have to consider not only 4 or 5 in a row, but also edges or corners for the next board. ■ CONNECT 4 On 5 lines' board,...

  • 上海飞跃!中日韩友好城市 高分排行


    上海飞跃竞相居在一起同时发布的“大阪飞跃”和“釜山飞跃”。 上海和大阪,大阪是一个友好的城市,釜山。你知道? 比如像“敌人的方式”固有的其他游戏不出来这个游戏。 请尽量继续飞行舒适遥遥领先。 春天已凉跳到什么时候正常! 云重击! 地板感动! ? 硬币迷人闪耀的!...

  • 부산 도약!한중일 우호 도시 HiScoreRanking


    부산 도약은 동시 릴리스의 「오사카 도약」「상하이 도약」과 함께 순위 경쟁합니다. 부산은 오사카, 상하이와 우호 도시입니다. 알고 있었나요? 이 게임은 다른 게임에 흔히 "방해하는 적 '과 같은 것은 나오지 않습니다. 부디 기분 좋게 날아 보십시오. 보통의 몇배를 Jump할수있는 잘나가는 스프링! 한번 나르면 곧 사라지는, 두근 두근 구름! 슬금슬금, 움직이는 바닥! ? 반짝 반짝 매혹의 동전! 과연 골은...

  • 大阪ぴょん!日中韓友好都市HighScore Ranking




    大阪ぴょんは同時リリースの「釜山ぴょん」「上海ぴょん」と一緒にランキングを競います。 大阪は釜山・上海と友好都市です。知ってました? このゲームには他のゲームにありがちな「邪魔をする敵」のような物は出てきません。 どうぞ気持ちよく飛び続けてみてください。 通常の何倍もJumpするイケてるバネ! 一回飛ぶとしばらく消えちゃう、どきどきの雲! スルスルと動く床!? キラキラの魅惑のコイン!...

  • Egg Da Peep!




    Buy eggs and place them at nests. After few minutes, various chicks will be born from eggs.   Collect chicks by touching. The chick will be converted into cash. Then, collected chicks are registered to the memory book.   Upgrade the facility of the farm. Luxury environment enables you to grow...

  • Jump! Okappaneko chan




    The enemy is her neighbor permed hair dog Ken chan! Okappa neko chan is trying to loose weight, while Ken chan is in the way. Okappa neko chan used to be in good shape and looked good on bikini, but life is harsh... She decided to loose weight before her 40s. She is now working on apple diet and...

  • Hi Speed Cars




    HAYABUSA releases the simple 3D racing game! The main stages are in the house. Aim at 1st place by driving various kinds of minicars! The kinds of minicars are the sports car, the dump truck, the tank and so on. Driving is very easy! It drives using the accelerometer or buttons on left and right...

  • HAYABUSA Rumble Curling




    Occupy a house and aim the high score! This game is the casual game software wear which used as the motif the winter sports "curling" which are Olympics formal items. The original curling rule as the Olympic Games does not use. It becomes the original rule which adopted original score...

  • Natural Cosmetics




    Let's create original cosmetics from natural materials!





    It's the first product of WAE GOMOKU series. Main Features: Freely rotatable 3D board Easy zoom-up Online play CPU play 3 computer evels Animated stones Optional Foul rule keyword:wae gomoku game tablegame

  • Mr.Will's Tumbling Dice




    It's a simple and exciting dice game. EVEN-ODD and BIG-SMALL are included.   Let's predict the result and roll dice. If hit, the opponent is damaged. If missed, the player is damaged.   It is dependent on your intuition whether choose low-odds and plodding or choose high-odds and aim...

  • Mr.Will's Word Chain




    You can play WordChain by only touching. Complicated operation is not required.   Players alternately touch a panel which begins with tail character of the previous word.   It can be played with various languages.   ■EASY■ Kids can study elementary words. There is no time-limit or competition.  ...





    World's first smartphone game for learning security techniques!   [TEST MODE] Let's answer questions set in 4-selection form, and compete with global users for the score.   [PLACTICE MODE] With checking the explanation, you can learn respective questions which needs knowledge or...

  • NFC Item Finder




    It's a new application using NFC function added after Android2.3. Things such as key, passbook, etc. can be managed by connecting to NFC tags.   ※In order to use this application, NFC tags need to be purchased. http://osas.jp/shopdetail/001000000011   ■Search Items 1. From materials You can...

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