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    Car Racing Plus

    Control your car to attain the goal !! It's a simple and nostalgic racing game using acceleration sensor function of smartphone. Lean the screen from side to side to avoid coming car. Lean the screen up and down to adjust the speed. Story mode is a mode to target completion of all 8 stages. Endless mode is a mode to compete scores all over t…

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    Download Egg Da Peep! Egg Da Peep! icon
    Egg Da Peep!

    Buy eggs and place them at nests. After few minutes, various chicks will be born from eggs.   Collect chicks by touching. The chick will be converted into cash. Then, collected chicks are registered to the memory book.   Upgrade the facility of the farm. Luxury environment enables you to grow chicks easily. Also, as the facility is upgraded, rare…

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    Download HAYABUSA Curling Sport HAYABUSA Curling Sport icon
    HAYABUSA Curling Sport

    Curling Sport is a physics game with simple gameplay. Two players in turn try to throw their own stones to the center of the house. The winner will be the one whose stone is closest to the center. The gameplay is divided into 4 phases. 1. Preparing phase: Touch the screen to set the aim point, then click the check button. 2. Getting ready phase:…

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    Download Mr.Will's Mahjong Master Mr.Will's Mahjong Master icon
    Mr.Will's Mahjong Master

    Have you ever been confused about unicolor Mahjong hand? This application sets questions choosing correct tiles on 8 levels. The answer will be more complicated in upper level. Please touch adequate tiles with no excess and deficiency. As all patterns are included in this application, the typical bug, "Wrong" is displayed in spite of co…

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    It's the second product of WAE GOMOKU series. In this game, gobang can be played on a cubic board. When the board is occupied, the cube rotates at random. So, players have to consider not only 4 or 5 in a row, but also edges or corners for the next board. ■ CONNECT 4 On 5 lines' board, place 1 stone alternately. The player who has made 4…

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    Download Fisher Chain Fisher Chain icon
    Fisher Chain

    It's a kind of card games with a theme of the Aquarium, designed for 2 players. Fundamentally, its rule is similar to Poverty game.   - Game Flow - [1] The order is decided at random, then cards will be distributed..   [2] The active player chooses a card from the hand.   [3] If chosen card has larger value, the field card will be taken.  …

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    Download Solitaire Plus Solitaire Plus icon
    Solitaire Plus

    The object of the game is to move the four aces, as they appear, to the foundations, and build each up in suit from ace to king (A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K).

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    Download NFC Item Finder NFC Item Finder icon
    NFC Item Finder

    It's a new application using NFC function added after Android2.3. Things such as key, passbook, etc. can be managed by connecting to NFC tags.   ※In order to use this application, NFC tags need to be purchased. http://osas.jp/shopdetail/001000000011   ■Search Items 1. From materials You can find items from its materials, such as paper, cloth,…

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    Download HAYABUSA Ball Find HAYABUSA Ball Find icon
    HAYABUSA Ball Find

    Would you like to activate your brain? - How to Play - Touch numbering balls displayed at random from 1 to 50. The time you take for completion will be recorded to world ranking. Moreover, 2 players can compete through Wi-Fi connection.

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