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  • SQL Server Guidelines

    SQL Server Guidelines


    Coding standards and guidelines are very important for any developer on the path of successful career. A coding standard is a set of guidelines, rules and regulations on how to write code. Coding standards should be flexible enough or should take care of the situation where they should not...

  • Nhac that tinh

    Nhac that tinh




    Tổng hợp các bài nhạc bạn muốn nghe nhất khi thất tình...

  • Feeding your baby

    Feeding your baby


    Watching advertise clip to feed your baby faster

  • Ice Bucket Challenge

    Ice Bucket Challenge


    Present more than 50 best of Ice Bucket Challenge videos series. Have fun!

  • Counter Strike VOD

    Counter Strike VOD




    Present 200 lastest VODs of Counter Strike ( CS:GO) matches. Key feature: - Automatic update match list without update application. - Split match list per page -> reduce loading time - Update match daily Stay in tunned and don't miss any VOD.

  • Ca si Le Roi

    Ca si Le Roi




    Tổng hợp các bản cover hay nhất của ca sĩ Lệ Rơi

  • The International 2014 VOD

    The International 2014 VOD




    Present all VOD of Dota 2 - The International 2014 ( TI4 ). Stay tuned with NAVI, EG, Alliance, Fnatic, Empire, IG, LGD, DK, VG, Titan, Arrow action in minute for 10.000.000+ USD prize pool. Application filter TI4 for 6 phase: Phase 1 ~3, main event, solo championship and all star match....

  • Annoying Orange Animation Free

    Annoying Orange Animation Free




    Have funny time with best of Annoying Orange collection.

  • Dota 2 Learn To Play

    Dota 2 Learn To Play




    This app contain 9 vides that introduce you to both the basic and advanced DOTA 2 stuff you should know. See it as an ultimate DOTA 2 tutorial, where few guys and girls are doing their best to share and transfer the years of their knowledge to you!

  • Dota 2 Fail Of The Week

    Dota 2 Fail Of The Week




    A show featuring your Dota 2 fails, commentated by SUNSfan and Reaves

  • Gia Vang 24g

    Gia Vang 24g




    Giá vàng trong nước và thế giới, cập nhật liên tục theo nguồn từ www.giavang.net

  • Dota 2 Top Plays Weekly

    Dota 2 Top Plays Weekly




    A show featuring the best clips of Dota 2 edited into a top plays every week by w200me.

  • Phim ngan hay

    Phim ngan hay




    Ứng dụng "Phim ngan hay" thu thập tự động download hơn 50 tập phim ngắn hay nhất, được chọn lọc công phu . Mở ứng dụng "Phim ngan hay" ,xem phim ngắn chọn lọc sẽ giúp cho bạn THƯ GIÃN, HIỂU GIÁ TRỊ CUỘC SỐNG, GIÁ TRỊ TÂM HỒN trước sự xô bồ của cuộc sống cơm áo gạo tiền thực...

  • DOTA 2 NAVI Tournament VOD

    DOTA 2 NAVI Tournament VOD




    - Watch NAVI DOTA2 team: Dendi, Puppey, Funnik, Kuroky, XBOCT action in many tournament: Dota 2 Champions League, Dream League S1, Star Leader Season IX, XMG Captains Draft Invitational, MLG T.K.O, Star Leader Season 8, D2L S4,... - Ongoing tournament will be updated daily without update...

  • Dota 2 Did You Know

    Dota 2 Did You Know




    This app contain more than 50 videos which will present you informative and very useful DOTA 2 tips and hidden things regarding the game mechanics which will surely level up your gameplay.

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