HD Live Wallpapers

  • Whale Watch HD

    Whale Watch HD




    This stunning video background features a Humpback whale performing a perfect breach. You'll feel like you are out on a whale watching adventure as this massive mammal soars out of the water and spins like an acrobat before landing with a huge splash. *Known issues on some Xperia,...

  • Real Fireworks Show HD

    Real Fireworks Show HD




    Light up your screen with this stunning fireworks show video wallpaper. You won't get this type of vivid imagery from any of the computer animated fireworks apps. Watch as the bright flashing colors reflect off of the river and explosions light up the night sky, revealing hundreds of people...

  • Chronic Weed 420 HD

    Chronic Weed 420 HD


    Get lifted with this pot leaf animated background. Watch the marijuana leaf morph and sway over a background of some dank trees as smoke bowls in from the sides. No snickelfritz here, this app is straight fire. *Known issues on some Xperia, Captivate, and Galaxy devices. Prompt refund...

  • Lightning Storm HD

    Lightning Storm HD


    Check out this high definition live wallpaper featuring lightning striking the tallest skyscraper in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Watch as the clouds stream by and the stars twirl in the background while a massive thunder storm lights up the night sky with each strike. Looks awesome on...

  • Free HD Live Wallpaper

    Free HD Live Wallpaper




    To celebrate the launch of our new website, HD Live Wallpaper is offering a free app! In less than a week of operations, we've tuned up Android phones all over the world, and we wanted to say thanks. This LWP features our freshly designed logo, in the style of a neon pub sign fixed to a...

  • Sea Turtle Aquarium HD

    Sea Turtle Aquarium HD




    Dress up your phone with this incredible aquarium video background. Sea turtles are intelligent and majestic creatures and it is truly spectacular to witness how they "fly" through the water with such grace. Watch as the sea turtle glides through a beautiful tropical aquarium full of...

  • Starry Night HD donate

    Starry Night HD donate


    Thank you for choosing the donation version of Starry Night HD! Enjoy! *Known issues with SOME Xperia, Captivate, and Galaxy devices. Prompt refund guaranteed if you encounter any errors!* To install, from the home screen press menu -> wallpaper -> live wallpapers -> Starry Night...

  • Great White Shark Attack HD

    Great White Shark Attack HD




    How would you like to see a massive Great White Shark swimming at you every time you turn on your screen? To clarify, no one gets eaten by a shark in this video background. Do you really want to see that a hundred times per day? Yikes. This wallpaper is an awesome video of a huge great white...

  • Sexy Ass Bikini Girls HD

    Sexy Ass Bikini Girls HD




    Two gorgeous girls shake their butts in a pool. Filmed from an underwater vantage point in High Definition. Video features one chick shaking her perfect ass and then bumping and grinding on her sexy friend. These hot women dancing in bikinis will have you staring at your phone all day long....

  • Rave Concert HD

    Rave Concert HD




    All of the other rave apps are garbage. Oh cool, my screen blinks different colors...sick app bro! What you want is live High Definition footage of a massive smoke and laser light show filmed at UMF 2012. A must have for fans of dubstep, glitch, moombahton, house, and all forms of Electronic...

  • Starry Night III HD

    Starry Night III HD


    Beautiful video background featuring a striking tower amidst a desolate winter landscape. Watch the stars rotate through the sky as an entire night plays before your eyes in a matter of seconds due to the high-speed timelapse camera. Be sure to watch for shooting stars! Shot in stunning High...

  • Mountain Sunrise HD

    Mountain Sunrise HD




    Spectacular video backgound featuring a sunrise in the mountains. The breathtaking orange and red colors in the sky reflecting off of the fresh snow makes this a truly special live wallpaper. Looks stunning on the new high resolution displays on android devices. *Known issues with some Xperia,...

  • Starry Night II HD

    Starry Night II HD




    Beautiful video background of a star-lit night in the mountains. Watch as the clouds stream over the mountain tops and the stars spin slowly across the sky. The striking visual of stars twinkling over the log cabin and snow covered mountains looks stunning on the new high resolution android...

  • Tropical Fish Aquarium HD

    Tropical Fish Aquarium HD




    This gorgeous video background features real High Definition footage of tropical fish swimming in a lush tropical environment. This is not a computer-rendered graphic like aniPet and many other aquarium apps, so the imagery is truly stunning. You will love watching the true behavior of these...

  • Moonlight Lake HD

    Moonlight Lake HD


    Stunning video background featuring moonlight reflecting upon a serene lake and snowy landscape. The reflections of the sky as the clouds pass by the moon will have you mesmerized. This beautiful vista is captured in full High Definition. *Known issues with some Xperia, Captivate, and Galaxy...

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