• Throw a Panda

    Throw a Panda




    Throw a Panda 2 is on the market now for devices with android 2.1 or higher! Search for "Throw a panda" to find it! Free full version of Throw a Panda (ad supported). Throw a little panda as far as possible! Full version also include: Limitless play, Saving High Score, and Global...

  • Launch a Panda (FULL free!)

    Launch a Panda (FULL free!)




    How high can you launch a panda? Simple game where quick fingers will take you a long way. Press the appearing circles in increasing order for a boost upwards. This version includes limitless play, saving of high score and global high score! Good defense against boredom! Version 1.7 Switch ad...

  • Throw a Panda Starboost FullAd

    Throw a Panda Starboost FullAd




    Throw a Panda with a little twist! Tired of Kitten Cannon? Collect stars on the way to get huge boosts, on every throw! The best defense against boredom! Full version include: Limitless play Saving High Score Global High score This version is free and ad supported. v2.7 changed ad provider for...

  • Virtual Toolbox

    Virtual Toolbox




    A virtual toolbox for your phone! Move your phone to use the tools (gives sound as feedback). Tools so far: Saw Hammer Comment on what other tools you would like to see! Have fun and be careful with your phone! Version 1.6: Minor update, nothing new.

  • Virtual Gavel (Free w/ ads)

    Virtual Gavel (Free w/ ads)




    Swing your phone to sound the gavel (judge hammer). Uses phone sensors. Has different settings depending on if you are right handed or left handed and how hard you swing. Press Menu to see all settings! Be the head of the meeting a end all decisions with the striking sound of a gavel! Free...

  • Throw a Panda StarBoost!(DEMO)

    Throw a Panda StarBoost!(DEMO)




    Full Starboost version now added to market! Throw a Panda with a little twist! Collect star on the way to get huge boosts! Version 2.0: Huge update! Olympic and snow version added! (MENU -> Olympic or Snow) Major bug fixes Longer DEMO version! (more throws!)

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