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  • Flaming Chariot

    Flaming Chariot




    2050 Great Depression, the unemployment rate rising, criminals also reap huge profits as the goal. Kinds of criminals gathered in the car, and all the waiting, "Death Speed" game progresses, it is the world's largest, but also the most brutal car race. You can use a variety of...

  • FireWire





    Zest fly freely in space travel. Exciting artillery bombardment! "large aircraft - Firewire raid" inherited the classic World War II aircraft operating experience simple and straightforward, more diverse gameplay, level richer, with fresh and bright cartoon-style paintings beautifully...

  • Mini Naruto

    Mini Naruto




    " Mini Ninjas Two of a Kind " is a speed ninja elimination game , share entertainment with a new puzzle game cute ninja. Mobile Yeah , gathered Yeah, eliminate it! Touch of a simple and intuitive way , easier, faster and more entertaining puzzle game Mini Ninjas on the right touch of...

  • CrazyFarmBubble





    Name:CrazyFarm Crazy Farm Bubble classic phone an essential game. A classic bubble run dragon game alone only creative cute fruit against a looming zombie lets you put it down, you can escape at moments of danger zombie crisis in time. Crazy Farm Bubble is the very strategy of shooting to...

  • PopStar





    Name: PopStar 《Pop Star》 is cool on a hot market game. Eliminate a very easy game, puzzle game with magic. The rules are simple: just click on two or more same colored squares can be removed. No time limit, and each stage has a goal to complete to enter the next level. Play at the end of a...

  • Supper Bubble

    Supper Bubble




    Supper Bubble Wonderful passion the shooting without limit, classic nostalgia! Supper Bubble is the most classic bubble elimination games, similar to a Zuma game, the gorgeous screen, music cool. Bubble Bobble is a traversing space and time without the limitation of time and ages of game. Bubble...

  • Hot Street BasketBall

    Hot Street BasketBall




    Name:Hot Street BasketBall Madden street basketball is one of the single player game Android mobile phone in the most attractive. The world's best street basketball with the development of our own physics engine, which allows us to experience the most realistic shooting fun. Arcade shooting...

  • 釣魚島激情捕魚





    钓鱼岛激情捕鱼电玩城的捕鱼达人游戏android版本! 经典街机捕鱼游戏,不需要去电玩城就能体验捕鱼的乐趣! 因为从此你可以把捕鱼游戏装进口袋,随时随地享受捕鱼的乐趣! 钓鱼岛激情捕鱼是一款深海捕鱼类游戏。玩家在游戏中用网可捕捉到多种海洋鱼类,甚至包括鲨鱼哦!...

  • kong fu monkey

    kong fu monkey




    Name:kong fu monkey The world premiere, the best effort parkour challenge the limits, flying over the limit! Get your honor Havoc in Heaven, fighting war San Fernando! Journey to the West, Monkey King Monkey King, Buddhist sutras, the road, the eradication of bovine ghosts snake the bucket...

  • Jewels





    Jewels Permanently free, no ads. Exquisite gems, exquisite design. Various brilliant special effects. To bring you a new elimination game feeling

  • Journey War

    Journey War




    Pangu, a Sengoku Beng birth of the Monkey King bowed Bodhi sects, Named Monkey, and worked hard as a spell, because of drunkenness ancestry disaster, was five foot pressure on the Buddha. Five hundred years later, Tathagata convene Bon, Guanyin visit monk Tripitaka to the West to learn from and...

  • Cool Monster Link

    Cool Monster Link




    Centro is an elimination game mobs, mobs playing even cool, happy to burst! Dynamic, fun! A small game similar to Zuma, its gorgeous screen, music cool. Centro mobs through time and space without time and space is a limitation of the game for all ages. We can evoke is a good childhood, playback...

  • Deadly Iron Man

    Deadly Iron Man




    Deadly Iron Man, Dark City break! Alien strikes, dark biological flooding, bloody brutal scenes of shocking! The super soldier program data leakage, the virus spread, the city has become a monster City, exposure to bright sunlight city, no ghost town, And like the dark places like caves, there...

  • 藍精靈歷險記






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